Sunday, October 12, 2014

Drama Review: Lee Sang the More

When I think of one-off dramas, I usually think of an up-and-coming cast and low budget. But in 2013, MBC decided to try something different. They brought in the big (camera) guns, upped the budget, and invited some of Korea's biggest acting talents. The episode I'll be talking about today stars a name that's quite familiar around this internet neck of the woods: Jo Seung-woo. Here he is playing iconic Korean poet Lee Sang in Lee Sang the More (Korean title: 이상 그 이상/Lee Sang that Lee Sang).

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sunshine Award

Hello everyone. I'm not dead (yet). I feel like this has been my intro a lot more than I'd like, but what can I do. Today's post won't be a drama/movie related post, instead it will be all about blogs and blogging. And I guess K-dramas, but in a different way. Thanks to Vee of dramapenchant for nominating! Let's go.