Monday, August 16, 2010

You and One

I've been following the Korean entertainment industry for quite a while. Oh, maybe about 2-3 years? I've learned quite a lot of things and understood at least to some degree how things work. Here's a little note of how that happened. About 4 years ago, an Indonesian TV station started to show Korean dramas, pop hits like Full House, Coffee Prince, and Princess Hours. Just recently, the Korean entertainment industry experienced the phenomenon called Boys Over Flowers. It was everywhere. For a moment, housewives who used to watch sinetrons (something like Indonesian soap operas. And yes, with the overall mediocre quality in set, story, and acting) started drooling over the F4 boys. They became the covers of tabloids. Then Boys Over Flowers continued on to more pop hits like Shining Inheritance and You're Beautiful, or so I'm told. I might talk more about this in another post, but this isn't what I came to write about.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm actually not an avid manga/anime fan and those I like, I love. But besides that, I don't catch up as easily as, say, Korean dramas and movies. Maybe because I'm not that familiar. After watching Chibi Maruko-chan which is exactly the type of things I'm enjoying now, I begin to wonder about what Japan can do with their animes. I can't point my finger to any because I don't know any, besides Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky which are the works of Japan's Walt Disney, the famed master, Hayou Miyazaki. So, I decided to search for quality Japanese anime films with a story I might enjoy, or at least universal. I know that people who watch say Korean movies or dramas might not be able to enjoy some of the storyline because of cultural differences. Realizing that I don't really know much about Japanese cultures, I chose 5cm/s.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life and Lemonade

Whoa! Another blog trial by yours truly. I guess themed blogs don't really work on me, also considering my random nature. So here it is. The brand new, totally random, totally free blog!

I decided to name it We Eat Lemon because of a certain proverb that goes a bit like this
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Thanks a lot Dale Carnegie! Now I thought "okay seriously, why do life only gives us lemons" right? I guess if we go by that saying then us humans have been eating lemons for a while now. Such a shame, though. Why lemons? And yes, there are some crazy people out there who can actually eat whole lemons. God bless their souls.

So, what will you expect from this blog? Anything! I guess it's a free talk type of blog. Hopefully I can be open writing this too. Take things slow and enjoy the wonders of blogging. Shabam!

Oh and another blog of mine that has the same amount of randomness, made in the oh so random (and oh so awesome) website, Tumblr! Click now!