Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Take: BoA's Only One

Kwon BoA, mononymously known simply as BoA, is back. Oftentimes known as the Queen of K-pop, BoA brings back old school sweetness and back to basics music. After almost a year of absence from the cut-throat world of K-pop, she is back with 'Only One', featuring one of my favorites, Yoo Ah-in.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drama Review: White Christmas (2011)

Are monsters born or are they made? This is the main question in the mystery drama White Christmas. The drama isn't a regular drama per se, as it is only 8 episodes long (whereas a regular mini series is at least 16 episodes). If you like mystery type genres filled with psychological twists and turns, this drama is for you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

First Take: JYPE Showdown of Wooyoung vs Jo Kwon

As most of you K-pop lovers out there, you'd know that two members of the JYPE* team, Wooyoung from 2PM and Jo Kwon from 2AM are currently going through their solo rounds these weeks. It's a bit of an odd move from the company to make these two go head to head in the solo game. But nonetheless, this just means we have to do a bit of a showdown. It's brother versus brother; Wooyoung against Jo Kwon. Who will come out on top?