Wednesday, March 2, 2016

First Take: Please Come Back Mister

February 24th became the premiere date for two prime time Monday-Tuesday dramas. I wrote about Descendants of the Sun yesterday, which was the more melo choice. But today I'll be talking about a comedy in the form of Please Come Back Mister. This wasn't on my radar prior to watching the promos but after the first week, I'm starting to like it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Recap: February 2016

I'm back with a second edition of Monthly Recap although, sadly, this month hasn't been all too good for me in the drama watching realm. Some unnecessary drama in the production room have been keeping me from watching what I thought was one excellent drama. Thankfully another is consistently keeping me on the edge of my seat in the best way possible.

First Take: Descendants of the Sun

Possibly one of the most highly anticipated dramas of the year, Descendants of the Sun came in with a slow burn. The premiere week of the show only teases what potential intensity will come in the future. I wasn't overly excited about it, but it has yet to disappoint me, which is a good enough start. If anything, I'm mostly excited that Song Joong-ki is back on screen again, and with him he brings a herd of beautifully muscular half naked men and that is always good in my book.