Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Take: Naul's Memory of the Wind

One of the vocalist of my favorite vocal group probably ever, Naul of Brown Eyed Soul, recently came out with a solo album entitled Principle of My Soul. Its lead single, 'Memory of the Wind' stars actor Lee Ki-woo as the dreamiest prince you will ever find. Seriously.

It's been a while I haven't done a First Take! And I'm glad to break that awful record of mine with this beautiful track. You can't really go wrong with Naul, anyways. Heck, everyone in Brown Eyed Soul is amazing. Naul's voice is definitely distinctive and just pure loveliness. Unlike the soulful beat of Brown Eyed Soul, this song is your classic ballad. We've got the orchestra on full ensemble, a soft but distinctive beat, and Naul's amazing range. I love it when Naul gets soulful, but ballad fits him well too. Like a glove. Or to a tee. And like always, his voice makes my heart cry a little. Or a lot.

First of all, I just want to get this out of my chest even though I already did in the intro, how dreamy is Lee Ki-woo? Seriously, he takes my breath away, I'm not even joking. I've never really been completely into him but man, it's the prince outfit and the horse and the little girl's dream of prince charming. I curse you Disney. And this is how I am now watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, all because Lee Ki-woo is dressed in prince garb.

I must say that I can be really horrible at interpretation of videos, especially music videos because sometimes I'm too lazy to read the lyrics. I know, I'm so professional. It was confusing at first but I think I got it. Maybe. So here it goes. The story is about a girl who looked like she had the time of her life having fun with her father. Sadly her father died as he was protecting her from bombs/meteors/deadly objects falling from the sky. Later when she grows up she meets this 'prince' who we assume is her lover. After what it seems like some sort of difficulty leaving her father as the most significant male figure in her life, she continues on getting married to this hottie.

The lyrics (yes, I read it) speaks of hurtful memories that can't be forgotten. Now, usually in life we can't forget these memories. It's a natural human thing to do. All we can do is move on and try to build better memories while still respecting our past. This story speaks of the two significant men in this girl's life. When she was younger, the only man she truly loved was her father. But sadly he died while protecting her from a bomb/meteor/deadly object falling from the sky (why didn't she die too from the shock wave/radiation/fire? Weird I know. I guess they never watched Mythbusters). When she grows up she has her prince charming (who I assume is possibly metaphorical for the purposes of the story), who now becomes the man she loves. Even though she now loves Mr. Prince, she will never forget her father or the tragedy that struck him. But her past isn't dragging her behind. Here's something I need to learn. I personally think the lyrics is talking mostly about the past, so for our girl it's about her story with her father.

The above is my interpretation. But there are still some unanswered questions. Mostly about the fish. Or about the amount glitter the girl is willing to put on her face. Now I did read a brief discussion on YouTube talking about said fish. Apparently it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus. I don't really know if this is only talking about the video or the actual song, but I didn't see it coming. At least lyrics wise. I wouldn't be surprised if Naul did insert religious connotation in his art because as far as I know he's a devoted Christian. I for one am not so I have no idea about this. So really, I can't comment on it much. If you'd like to discuss about that on the comments then go right ahead. And about the glitter, I don't know, maybe a girl needs a bit of twinkle, twinkle in her life you know. And here I thought Lee Ki-woo was enough eye candy for one.

I'm sorry if my little explanations make you woozy but hey, now we can see how powerful art can be. With one stimulation it can result in many thoughts. If you have more to discuss of this video, again, just leave a comment. I'd love to hear your interpretation of this song or music video. Or you know, you could spazz about Naul or Lee Ki-woo which is great in my book. But if the music video is still confusing, the song itself is beautiful even if you don't know Korean or feel it's too bothersome to read the lyrics.


  1. I can comment on this.. The fish sing is a Christian symbol used worldwide for Jesus... Also In the Bible the people waiting for Jesus are called the Bride of Jesus (thus she's dressed as a bride)... And it is said that the rapture (the moment when the chosen ones will encounter Jesus and go up to Heaven) will be deep in the night when nobody expects it... So in my opinion the song has a Christian meaning.

    Also if you look at the toombstone you can see:With will all man to be saved to come... a verse from the Bible related to the crucifiction

    1. I'm not sure sure about it having an entire Christian meaning. My guess it's about moving forward and not letting the past hold you back.

    2. This is song is mostly about Christianity. The father and the daughter represents Jesus and the people and how he died for his people, before Jesus died he says to God why he has forsaken him. The meteors represents how God said he will bring about the destruction of the world on the day of the rapture, just like he did during the time of Noah. So meteor killing the father relates to how Jesus was forsaken by God and cleansing the people with sin, which in turn saved the people(saving the daughter).The fish and the man on the horse represents Jesus and how he will come back.

  2. The man on the horse is so handsome so so so so handsome. I can't take off my eyes on him.
    He is so charming....he look like Choi Siwon from Super Junior.
    But this man Lee Ki-woo is the perfect prince but I hope that Kim Jaejoong will do some music video sad like this and we can see him serious and manly like a prince shoul be.
    Lee Ki-woo deserves to be famous with this MV....now I will see his drama.
    Thanks to Naul with this beautiful song and beautiful music video.
    I'm french from France, I see this song like that and I love this prince on the horse and the voice of the singer.
    Daebak Naul, Daebak South Korea

  3. May I ask if you know the name of the girl in the MV? She was never mentioned, I believe she did well too and she is very pretty.

    1. yes me too ..i really want to know that girl ><

    2. yes me too ..i really want to know that girl ><

  4. I understand it as follows:

    The father represents Jesus (this is made pretty clear by the fish). He died to rescue his people (the church). He loved them, and wanted to save them from destruction.

    The woman is the church, the Bride of Christ. We see her in mourning, apparently for her father's sacrifice, but then we see her being prepared for marriage. This is in line with the Christian belief in Jesus's return. The bride will be given to her lover, as the church is to be fully united with Christ.

    The image of the lover as a rider may refer to Jesus as he is portrayed in Revelation 19, although there he rides a white horse.

    (By the way, if you're wondering why the image of a fish represents Jesus, it's because the Greek word for 'fish' (ΙΧΘΥΣ) is an acronym (in Greek) for 'Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour'.)

    Anyway, this song is pretty obviously about God's love. The parallel that is drawn between God's love and the love between a man and a woman goes way back to the Old Testament, and carried on into the belief that the church is the Bride of Christ.

    And I would say that calling Jesus 'the dreamiest prince' is true enough, even if an understatement.

    1. It probably went over my head since I'm not Christian. So to me it wasn't obviously about God's love since all the little messages in the MV (like the fish, or the prince riding the horse) didn't really mean anything to me outside of humanly love. Aside from that, thanks a lot for the explanation! Probably the best I've read yet :)

  5. It's pretty clear that Naul wrote some deeper than deep af lyrics.