Monday, March 25, 2013

'Jang Ok-jung' Trailer is Here!

I feel like I haven't posted anything about Yoo Ah-in these past months, and I feel bad. Please forgive me. But this should suffice, hopefully. The longer trailer for the new trailer of Jang Ok-jung! Get excited, guys.

I'm actually pretty excited about this. Maybe because Mr. Yoo is in his little robe and reminds me of the crack-tastic Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Who knows. But damn it, he looks mighty fine. Hanboks looks good on him.

Before I hyperventilate, let's talk about the premise of this drama. Or at least what it promises. Jang Ok-jung tells of the titular character, or rather historical figure, Jang Ok-jung, also known as Jang Hee-bin. Supposedly Jang is a controversial figure in Korean Joseon history because she basically stole the queen's throne and is the cause of the king's downfall, or something like that. As I am not a Korean nor do I study Korean history, the details of that I'm not quite sure of. But basically, from what I've understood, is that she doesn't have a particularly good image among the Korean people.

This drama, however, wants to make her the heroine. Played by Kim Tae-hee, Jang is a fashion designer who falls in love with King Sukjong played by Yoo Ah-in. Other actors in this series includes Hong Soo-hyun as Queen In-hyun, the king's initial queen, and Jae Hee (yay!) as Hyun Chi-soo, a somewhat daddy-long-legs figure to Jang Ok-jung.

You probably can tell I'm mostly excited for Mr. Yoo, and Jae Hee who I haven't seen in ages! But I've learned my lessons. Thanks a lot Fashion King. I will be cautiously excited. And I think you should too.

I think the story might be interesting, taking a different look to the classic tale. But Kim Tae-hee as the lead is a bit... I don't know, worrisome? I haven't seen her act in a full project. Go figure. But even her modeling jobs are not that fabulous. She's just so stiff and inexpressive  And in her pictures she sometimes has those "I'm probably going to kill you in you sleep tonight" look in her eyes. Shivers.

But you know maybe she might do well this time? Who knows. I'm still going to catch the drama. Maybe dip my toes in first this time and see how things go. And just hope for the best.

Jang Ok-jung will premier on SBS in April 8th after King of Ambition is concluded.

(The teaser that doesn't have Mr. Yoo in it. Boo.)


  1. I think Yoo ah In looks better in sageuk clothing than in the modern day attire he had in Fashion King (although, that could also be because FK was a horrible, horrible drama in very way that sucked out all charm from even Yoo Ah In). It's just think that he carries the hanbok well. I mean, he also rocked the sageuk look back in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

    1. He just rocks hanbok hard. I think he does look better in hanbok, I don't know why. It gives him a regal look better than what a suit can do.