Thursday, December 19, 2013

Brown Eyed Soul is Coming Back, Everybody!

Oh wow, so this is what happens when you've removed yourself from the K-entertainment world. You totally missed the comeback announcement of one of your favorite bands! Vocal group Brown Eyed Soul is returning to the airwaves in commemoration of their 10 year anniversary.

For the record, the news of the anniversary album/EP/project was announced months ago (back in October). So for those of you who are have been following K-entertainment news for the past few months probably knew this. But I don't. Which sucks. Nevertheless, better late than never right?

The first single for this celebration is "Always Be There". The track is reminiscent of popular ballad songs from the 80's. Honestly not my favorite genre of music. But the boys' voices are just so lovely, I didn't even care. Also, the members are featured in the music video as part of the story line, not as singing background voices! Yay!

The second track, 너를 (You), was just recently released in December 18, 2013. The MV features Kim Young-kwang (Good Doctor) and Kim Soo-jin (Shark) who play ex-lovers meeting once again through chance encounter. The song is classic BES. Beautiful harmonies, heart-tugging melodies. And if you're asking, this is my favorite of the two. Just because my favorite past time is sulking alone in my bedroom.

Apparently there will be an album which will come out who knows when. And for you living in Korea will be able to experience the actual anniversary concerts. I'm so jealous.

Until then, enjoy these tracks and tell me what you think!

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