Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Whole Indonesian 'You Who Came From the Stars' Plagiarism Hullabaloo

Apparently this happened. And it made one hell of an embarrassing wave across the international K-drama fandom. Feeling all self-important (duh. No.) I feel like I should say something about it. Also, this is a rant so beware.

As an Indonesian myself (this is like 90% of all the comments in international articles, so apologies from me. But it's the truth, so...), I feel like I need to say something to the people, okay. First of all, Indonesian sinetrons (or dramas, or TV series, or whatever you want to call it) sucks. The only reason I actually go out of my way to watch one, which is never, is only when I need some humor. It's like my philosophy with Korean makjang. They're hilarious because they're so over the top. Now, we Indonesians don't really have the most top notch of TV production in the world so great or even good entertainment is not what I expected at all.

Two, this is the production team/TV station's fault. I have not and will not dive into the pits of the comments section of any of the articles regarding this piece of news. But like always, don't generalize this one mistake for the whole country. Sure, I kind of hate Indonesia sometimes, but it's not because we have shitty entertainment. (On the contrary, we actually have awesome TV entertainment. Just not in the drama/sinetron section.) So saying Indonesia sucks because someone plagiarized a Korean drama, which was apparently accused of plagiarism themselves, is not cool at all. So if you want to bash someone, bash SinemArt, the production crew of this KW Indonesia version of the drama (y'all Indonesians will get this joke. Everyone else, I'm sorry). Don't blame us the unknowing citizens of Indonesia.

I should probably delve into the whole psychology of it all but really, do I need to? I don't want to spend precious brain matter on this pity thing.

So basically my reaction is (1) the production crew is stupid, (2) I'm strangely not surprised, (3) I'm not terribly ashamed by it because I have nothing to do with this drama. I haven't even watched the original or the plagiarized version yet, jeez. Maybe because of the whole non-partisan aspect of my personality. But yeah, basically a big whatever from me.

My end note is plagiarism is bad y'all. I spent 4.5 years deathly afraid of committing plagiarism (because plagiarism=academic execution), which I didn't, and I feel like this should be an attitude we all have in life. Take inspiration, not plagiarism. Peace *drops mike*

Photo from allkpop yo.

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