Saturday, December 6, 2014

Welcome back, Yoo Seung-ho!

It's always great to see an actor come back from army duty and the usual comments of "two years has flown by!" will come. And they did. I don't usually talk about the comings and goings of celebrity soldiers, but since I made a post about Yoo Seung-ho leaving for the army two years ago (when he was just barely 20!), I thought it's appropriate to talk about him coming back. So... welcome back Yoo Seung-ho! You have been missed, and we can't wait for you to come back on our screens once again.

I know he just came back from the army and is supposed to look manlier, but maybe because he's still early in his twenties, he still looks so darn cute! The baggy uniform doesn't help either. I guess this is how regular soldiers are supposed to look like. We (international fans) are just too used to 30-year-olds getting discharged. (Also, how cool is the camo all pixelated! I can be easily impressed sometimes.(

And there are many pictures of him crying. If you're a bit emotionally sensitive, like me sometimes, then just get ready.

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