Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Recap: February 2016

I'm back with a second edition of Monthly Recap although, sadly, this month hasn't been all too good for me in the drama watching realm. Some unnecessary drama in the production room have been keeping me from watching what I thought was one excellent drama. Thankfully another is consistently keeping me on the edge of my seat in the best way possible.

For the month of February I was actively watching two dramas, which is much less than last month's but feels more comfortable for me. It also meant I didn't finish any dramas since the two that I was watching isn't going to finish just yet.

Of the ones that I "dropped" were Potato Star 2013QR3, Moorim School, and Six Flying Dragons. Now I did watch an episode of Dragons and a couple of Moorim but I didn't feel the need to watch more. Dragons entered the talkie phase of sageuk which has always been my least favorite and the reason why I barely ever watch them. But also because simply there are too many characters to follow. This drama requires a little bit of mental energy and at the end of the day, sometimes I can't afford that. For Moorim, it just got too boring. I wanted it to be crazy and over the top but it settled on a middle of the road teen drama which I'm not in the mood for. Whether I'll be dropping these two dramas only time will tell but for now they are low on my priority list. I'm also going to stop talking about Potato Star until I actually finish it because finishing that drama is like an exercise of patience for me since the buffering on Hulu takes basically forever.

The drama that I am (or was?) following religiously was Cheese in the Trap which I do enjoy. I have yet to watch episode 13 onwards yet, mostly due to the hullabaloo that's happening because of a director that loved an actor too much. I know the news shouldn't deter me from watching the show since the only way I can judge how bad it is (or how overly dramatic netizens can be) is by watching the show myself. The news wasn't due to the cast or anything. Since they did their job I might as well appreciate it and watch their hard work. But sometimes things leave a bitter taste in your mouth and I feel like this is one of those things. I might just have to deal with it and watch it anyways, which I think would be good time tomorrow.

But the other drama that I'm actively watching i.e. Signal is pretty flipping fantastic. I think it's fair to say that director Kim Won-suk is a one of those people kdramas talk about a lot (genius) with Signal and Misaeng (and Sungkyunkwan Scandal, for the fans) in his belt. Writer Kim Eun-hee also has a pretty good track record, but I didn't watch Sign or 3 Days. Signal is really one of those impossible dramas that get better by the episode, in not just the story but the performances as well. Lee Je-hoon had a bit of a hiccup in the earlier episodes portraying Park Hae-young who talks a mile a minute, but as the cases get more complicated, the better he is in Hae-young's skin. And don't get me started on Kim Hye-soo and Jo Jin-woong. I've loved these two in their previous works but Signal makes me a fan. It's so interesting to watch them on screen and I'm in awe every second they are on. Signal basically has the best cast at the moment.

I also watched a couple of movies, getting a double dose of Song Kang-ho. I want to get through his filmography but I have a feeling it's going to take me a while. But checking off the big guns like The Throne and The Host is pretty good progress in my opinion. I've written reviews for both of them so I hope you check them out!

So that's it for the month of February. Not as exciting as January, sadly, both drama watching and blogging wise. If you haven't noticed, I've been blogging every three days for the past two months but broke the chain this past weekend, mostly because I was away but also because I got sick. I'm not exactly sure if I'm going to keep to the strict scheduling from now on and rather just post of the things I want whenever I want. I think that's going to provide for better content anyways.


  1. Oh man, Signal is sooooo good. I have so many FEELINGS for that show. I laughed, cried, and cursed at my monitor(both at baddies for being bad and the good guys for being smart)

    1. I think many people can agree with your sentiment, including myself!