Monday, December 31, 2012

Jo Seung-woo the Daesang Recipient

End of the year means end of the year awards. One of them being the MBC Drama Awards. While I haven't really watched any MBC dramas this year (I know right?), I think it's okay if I write this right? Don't kill me okay. I'm not judging the dramas. What I am trying to say is that Jo Seung-woo, my favorite almost ajusshi actor won a Daesang! Hooray!

What is a Daesang you ask? Basically it's the highest achievement awards. I'm not really sure what the criteria of getting, or actually who gets to get it. On some awards it's the actors, some the directors, and others the actual drama/movie. It's different every year. And for MBC, it's a complicated history of which I'm not too familiar with. Actually, MBC is just a downright weird and in need of serious management therapy kind of channel, mostly because of a recent incident but this isn't the post for that.

Anyways, Jo Seung-woo not only won a Daesang but also a Best Excellence Actor Award for Special Production Drama. I'm assuming best excellence means best lead and special dramas means longer dramas, longer than a mini-series but more substantial than a daily drama. He won both for his role in Horse Healer which I've yet to watch because long sageuk makes me ill.

In terms of whether he deserves it or not, truthfully I don't know. Again I didn't watch any MBC dramas this year. None. Zip. So it'll be unfair if I say he deserves it just because he's my favorite or because I know from watching his previous works he's a great actor. But from the news standpoint, there hasn't really been an MBC drama that really stole the headlines. Aside from Moon that Embraces the Sun of which I've heard was a rather overrated drama. I would agree from the synopsis alone.

So congratulations for Jo Seung-woo. When you do a drama a decade into your career, you don't just play a drama. You need to play a drama with animals, being a doctor, a sageuk, and win an award while you're at it. Also congratulations to all the winners! The winners list can be seen here.

And now for the compulsory red carpet pictures.

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