Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drama Review: Can We Get Married?

Another drama review! This time of cable drama Can We Get Married? This is the first drama where I did a First Take and a Review so I'm proud of myself for that. So I hope this review might help somewhat for those of you wanting to watch this drama and stuff. I won't be talking about the synopsis which I've already explained previously. Let's get down to it.

I have to say I'm impressed with this drama. It never really stayed on a topic too long. Maybe because there are multiple plots going on at once, they don't really have the luxury to do that. And while many other dramas fail to properly highlight each and every one of the subplots, this drama did its job very well. Even though the main plot was of Sung Joon and Jung So-min's characters, everyone else gets a really solid plot and a good character development. I'm very impressed. Maybe it's because the "problem" is not as dramatic as other dramas but to me, this is good.

Apparently this drama is seen with mixed reviews, at least from what I see. The Korean drama audience is so used to overly dramatic characters and nail-biting plot that when a drama that is mellow and down-to-earth like this comes around, they slap it across the face. Sure it's not your usual drama, but I like it. I think this is its charm. We all need to get a break from evil stepmothers and flamboyant boyfriends right?

Also the performances were very well done. None of them was acting out of bounds. I did comment of Sung Joon's awkwardness but as the episodes progressed, it was all good. Really, applause to everyone. Even the little kid who plays Tae-won, gosh he made me tear up a little. I guess the performances can be well done mostly because the characters are really good. Throughout the show each character doesn't really fall into any specific stereotypes. Each episode we learn a new layer about them. Just when you thought that character is just another stock character, bam. The next episode shows the viewers a new side of them

Now for the downside. I did find that the characters for both mothers (Kim Mi-sook and Seon Woo Eun-seok) can get a bit overdone. Not the performance but the writing itself. Then again I don't really have a comparison to actual mother-in-laws and the conflict they face when their children are off to get married. I do appreciate that in the end they learned their lesson in a convincing manner with battle scars for proof. Don't you just hate it when suddenly a character learns what they need to without going through the storm? I'm glad this drama wanted to write out the bad to get the good even if they need to make their characters stumble multiple times.

Which brings me to another point. Sometimes I do think the conflict becomes redundant, especially with the younger couples. This has become one of the biggest criticism that I've seen from other viewers. I do think that sometimes their problems are repeated over and over again but in actuality, isn't life like that too?

I did think the final resolution between Jung-hoon and Hye-yoon was too abrupt. I know that Hye-yoon has learned her mistakes and Jung-hoon is still madly in love with her, but I think a couple of scenes doesn't really do it justice.

I wonder if this is only me, but I feel like there are too many monologues. I think the voice-over of their thoughts can be good, but sometimes it gets in the way. And the monologues feel awkward. Maybe it's because the conflicts are essentially self-conflicts, but I did find them a menace at times.

A final point I'd like to make. I'm so appreciative of the stories they're willing to tell in this drama and the fact that they didn't go the easy route. It was so difficult watching Hye-jin (Jung Ae-yeon) go through her marital problems with Do-hyun (Kim Sung-min). I'm so happy that in the end they did get a divorce. And while it's not on a high note, I'm not sure any divorce can, Hye-jin gets her happy ending. Also the way that they decided to show different types of marriages, from the types society expects us to be or the ones that just happens because it did, it was definitely something special. Basically us viewers get to see deep, meaningful relationships between all these characters with none of them being a waste.

This is definitely some special drama. Something I don't think can be quite replicated the same way. With cable channels getting great remarks these days and with the leeway they have, the Korean drama field is just getting better. I think viewers are shifting away from dramatic tales of incest and betrayal to more everyday stories. And while I don't think the drama queens are taking a hike just yet, I expect dramas with fresh tones like Can We Get Married? to be more commonplace.

Final Verdict: 8.5/10

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