Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Take: Clazziquai's "Can't Go On My Own"

Clazziquai is back with a new music video! In actuality I've heard snippets of this song many a times in the awesome drama Can We Get Married? It's actually one of my favorites from the drama. And guess how excited I was to find the whole song and knowing it was by Clazziquai? Very. So here is "Can't Go On My Own" featuring Kim Jin-pyo.


As I've said before, I heard it on the drama. I have to say overall the music in that drama is very good and captures the situation very well. While the other songs can get a bit somber, I fully loved this very much. It was laid back but fun and upbeat enough to make it not super sad but not like a child on sugar. And somehow the phrase "because I can't go on my own" sums up the whole drama in a sense. How no matter what we do, we won't be able to run away from the person we truly love. Their place in our lives are so strong we just can't do without them. Hopefully not in a clingy possessive way, but I won't judge.

Vocally, you can't go wrong with Alex and Horan. I personally love Horan's voice just so much. It's raspy and sexy and soothing and just so delicious. Alex himself isn't falling behind. He's not a bad singer in any way. But I have my preferences. Kim Jin-pyo raps in this too. His voice makes the song, I don't know, more rough around the edges but somehow completes the song into a whole.

And the lyrics. You know I'm horrible at deciphering lyrics. Being a non-idol, Clazziquai's lyrics aren't exactly straightforward either. So, what I think. I think the song is supposed to basically capture the title of the song, and what I've said earlier. How when you're so in love, not being next to your love is hard. But it also talks about how you're always worried about your significant other when you're in love.

The video is something I hope I don't have talk about but since I'm writing this post, I might as well. It's very... artsy. It's made up of a collage of things that would make up a house, or a street. Like the early style of pop art. Or something like that. It may have been inspired by that or not. Probably is. It doesn't have any particular plot. If not at all. And while I mostly would hate this, they're not in blinged out boxes. Butterflies seem to be a prominent part of the video. It's used to cover Kim Jin-pyo's upper face (nose up) for reasons I don't know. It's also a disturbance of sorts in DJ Clazzi's frame. Spoiler: he killed one. Also at one point Kim Jin-pyo's upper face blew up (or caught on fire. I was exaggerating) and it phoenixed into a flower. How sweet?

I thoroughly love this song. I hummed all throughout my time watching Can We Get Married? And now that I have a link to the song, I'm going to replay it until whenever I feel like it. And being me, it might be as much as 50 times back to back. And no, I'm not being a crazy fangirl to raise up the views. Who has the time to do that anyways? The answer to that is my earlier, more K-pop crazed self. But only for INFINITE for that one song I swear. I'm not that crazy. I also might need to check out the Can We Get Married? OST because there are some awesome songs in there that might potentially become my new jam.

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  1. Well now I know why this song sounded so familiar - Guess I was far too removed from the drama and when I got around to watching this MV this week. xD It is a good song, I just didn't realize it was them. :)