Monday, August 4, 2014

First Look at Lee Je-hoon as Prince Sado, plus Reunited Bromance with Seo Jun-young

Emergency midnight post of Lee Je-hoon's first pics as Prince Sado off the set of Secret Door. Because squealing is always involved when it comes to Lee Je-hoon. I swear I still like other actors too, but... Lee Je-hoon... *sigh*

Also, how freaking amazing is that Lee Je-hoon will be reuniting with long-lost Bleak Night buddy Seo Jun-young? On top of that, they're going to be on-screen buddies again, this time without the backstabbing. How sad is that (spoilers?) in both time Lee Je-hoon's character will be dead in the end? Their relationship is doomed from the start. Maybe in a couple more years they can reunite again with a happily ever after? Please?

Secret Door will follow Temptation in the Monday-Tuesday 21:55 slot on SBS this coming September. Mark your calenders because it will be good... Hopefully.


  1. He's back, in a sageuk garb no less...and reunited with his co-stars left and right! I'm excited to see this (possibly) bromantic pairing of Lee Je-hoon and Seo Joon-young but at the same time, I'm looking forward to his character's strained relationship with Han Suk-kyu's Yeongjo. Here's hoping this will deliver in writing, since the cast is amazing!

    1. The cast is CRAZY! Me too though, Han Suk-kyu and Lee Je-hoon will have sparks flying off the screen. I'm curious as to how the writers will decide to portray King Yeong-jo (Han). Will he be a sweet king, or more of Tree with Deep Roots' Lee Do? Going to be interesting. Need to watch My Paparotti.

    2. I won't complain if they decide to portray Yeongjo as a stern and cold king, but a sweet father/son relationship turned sour can make a good drama with sufficient angst too! OMG go watch My Paparotti, it's quite lengthy but worth the time spent for it :)