Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Yeon Woo-jin and Jo Yeo-jung for Divorce Lawyers in Love

Work-setting dramas aren't new around dramaland, so the premise for new SBS weekend drama Divorce Lawyers in Love isn't what anyone would call groundbreaking. But who cares, since Yeon Woo-jin is coming back on screen. No need for another reason.

The central couple first meets as boss and subordinate. Go Cheok-hee (Jo Yeo-jung) is a divorce lawyer who is willing to do anything to win a case. Her office manager is So Jung-woo (Yeon Woo-jin) who's clear on his impression of her and would call her out on her every mistake. A bad call had Go Cheok-hee's licence revoked. She returns to work to find that her office manager has now become a divorce lawyer himself, and her new boss.

For some reason I thought this was going to be a reunited lovers affair. Apparently it's not, since obviously the two didn't start on the right foot. I always find the whole haters turn to lovers bit slightly off putting but whatever floats your boat, writers. I'm not even going to even deal with why they became lovers only after the man becomes the boss. There better be a good reason for it. Let's just move on to the good bit.

Yeon Woo-jin. Okay, I love him. I think he's great. He's proven again and again why he's becoming one of the most promising actors of his age group. I like him so much that I suffered through that KARA drama that he was in. I'm not sure if it's worth it, so I don't recommend unless you want to cringe for an hour like I did. But Marriage Not Dating was good. Nay, it was fantastic, so if anyone wants to get a glimpse of him (and his normal, non-abtastic body), then I recommend that. So I'm happy he's climbing up the ranks as a leading man on a public broadcasting channel, not that it really matters (and the ratings say so).

On the other hand I have not a lot to say about the leading lady Jo Yeo-jung. Apparently she was in I Need Romance the first season, which I heard was the best of the three. She also did a lot of more adult material on the big screen so if you're into that. Her stuff never really compelled me, so I guess this will be a first.

A name that I do know, though, is Wang Ji-won, who played one of the lesser annoying characters on I Need Romance 3, although I don't know how much of an achievement that is. She seems like a cool girl and is quite charming a.k.a. not boring or cringe-worthy. Sadly here she's playing a character she's done before: the perfectly competent yet not as quirky second lead. At least she knows what she's doing?

There's not much else we know of the drama but I don't think we need to know all that much. The lawyer setting is really just that. A setting. So, like any other office-based dramas, if this was a Doctors in Love or Fishmongers in Love, I'm sure it'll be the same thing. It's really down to the chemistry and I think these two can manage. I hope. We'll see what happens in March.

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