Monday, February 23, 2015

Yoo Seung-ho Reminisces Love in Naul's 'You From the Same Time'

Oh look who's back! Everyone's favorite former child actor and recently returned Yoo Seung-ho brings his face back on screen, if not for a short-ish time, to star in Naul of Brown Eyed Soul's new single, 'You From the Same Time' where you can stare deeply into his eyes quite literally.

I think I've mentioned this before, the boys of Brown Eyed Soul has a way with my emotions. I would listen to a song of theirs, not really knowing what it's about, and still cry anyways. Maybe I'm a sucker for ballads. So with every release of a song by Brown Eyed Soul I can always expect two things: it'll be great and it'll make me cry.

Sure enough, the tears start welling up for this new number. The song opens to a very familiar twinkle (I don't know what else to call it) akin to ballads of the 80's to 90's. Naul the crooner begins to gently caresses your eardrums with his sweet voice before punching your tear ducts in shame. As unoriginal as it is, it's as effective as they come.

The lyrics tells of a person thinking about their ex. A bit depressing, I know. That's not the full story though. It's mostly about the thought of a person you once loved, the one who was everything, is now basically a stranger. Sucks even more that she has a new boyfriend (or in Naul's case, a husband. And a yet-born child).

I'm not saying that the song is totally about him. But when you think about how artists tend to create things that are familiar to them, it's difficult not to say otherwise. I won't take anyone's side in this case. Mostly because they're literally strangers to me. I'll just sit here in front of my laptop wishing for their happiness.

Anyways. The song may be somber, but there's one thing that will cheer you up (probably) and it's the fact that Yoo Seung-ho is back! Sad that it's not a drama but at least it's something. And if you've ever had a fantasy of getting up close and personal with the guy, this might be your closest bet. Now you know how his eyelashes look when they flutter in the wind. The video comes in 1080p. I won't judge you, promise.

Jokes aside, the music video is subdued yet still packs a punch, which is quite similar to Brown Eyed Soul's latest video offerings. A man wanders around an empty house and settles down to do a bit of arts and crafts on his lonely table. Here he fills his time preserving memories, in this case photos in a scrap book, flower petals, and writing them down on a piece of paper which was then enveloped, complete with a fancy wax seal. However, just like in the song, these physical forms of memories are then thrown in a pot and burned away. I was waiting for a ceremonial dance after that to be honest.

I thought the video was quite brilliant as per usual. The set, the lighting, the man, it was perfect. It's one of those videos which looked confusing and slightly irrelevant at first but began to mold and shape exactly how it intended to be which is a visual representation of the song. At least it was more straightforward than 'Memories of the Wind' which deserved a whole page of discussion by itself.

On a brighter note, the song charted number one on several music sites for a couple of weeks despite the lack of promotion. Can't help but be proud for some reason. Also, this song kicks off Brown Eyed Soul's self-produced singles where each member releases a song every month. It's been a tradition for every album of theirs to feature individual members in their own songs, but never have they made them singles. March is approaching soon so does that mean the next member's single will be released too? Well, I'm excited.

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