Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Selection of Recent News of Jo Seung-woo

It's time to see what's happening with my favorite ajusshi, Mr. Jo Seung-woo. I feel like it's my unofficial duty to update of his news, although punctuality is not my strongest suit. Nonetheless, all of these are good news (although there is a rather unpleasant one in the near past but let's not dive into the negatives) and some are exciting to say the least. If anything, there's a lot of new very pretty pictures of the man. Ideally, each of these news bit should be its own post during the time it was announced but what has passed has passed. Let's enjoy the pretty anyways.

I think it'll be easier if I list them in a somewhat chronological order. So first off, his appearance in the hit caper film Assassination. It was a pleasant surprise to me, and I think most of the viewers of Assassination to see him cameo on screen because I think his casting is one of those hush-hush secrets that was meant to be a surprise. And a pleasant surprise it was. I have yet to watch this movie, despite it playing in my local theaters (I think). But the playing time was so short, I totally missed out on it. Jo Seung-woo isn't a main character, but apparently his character, Kim Won-bong, was pretty important. I shall get back to you on that when I do end up watching it.

Next up, musical news. I don't tend to talk about his (many, many) castings in musicals because if most of us don't have the chance to watch it, why even mention it and further the agony. This year alone he has starred in three which includes a national tour for his iconic role in Jekyll and Hyde, a return in Man of La Mancha, and the most recent one is Werther, a role he is sharing with Uhm Ki-joon and Kyuhyun.

The pictures are from the musical Werther and since I'm not musical junkie I have no idea what the story is about (google tells me it's a pure-hearted love story, but aren't they all?). I just want to post the pictures because they look pretty. I don't think Jo Seung-woo is the pretty boy type, but in the promo pics, he's just... so pretty.

Coming off from the ethereal feel of the Werther musical into the dirty underbelly of the world of politics is the R-rated movie Inside Men. I mentioned the movie several times in the past in my twitter but have failed to do so on my blog so I apologize. I was initially worried the movie would turn out to be a flop, especially since his co-star Lee Byung-hun was involved in some controversy. But this is a rule you have to learn that the voices of netizens might not reflect the thoughts of other people. Case in point, the movie is a runaway success. It's been 10 days since its premiere and it has already attracted 3 million viewers and nabbed the number 1 box office in South Korea. If that's not success, I don't know what is. The film also co-stars Baek Yoon-shik, a reunion for Jo since 2006's Tazza.

Finally, and possibly the biggest news (in my world at least) and the reason I'm making this post, is Jo Seung-woo's potential return to the small screen! It's been too long, and too painful, since the end of SBS's God's Gift - 14 Days. As you all know, I have a love-hate relationship with that drama. I love that it lets this beautiful man shine like a beacon for humanity, but hate that they decided to kill off the guy. It's a cruel, cruel world. He needs to seek vengeance is what I'm saying. And I think a cable drama on tvN might do the trick.

tvN has been doing fantastically over the past few years. They've been known as the channel who makes fantastic dramas for mostly unknown actors, but have recently also been known to lure big names as well. In recent memory there's Park Bo-young for Oh My Ghostess, Choi Ji-woo for Twenty Again and the star-studded line-up of upcoming crime drama Signal which stars Kim Hye-sooLee Je-hoon, and Jo Jin-woong. Currently Jo Seung-woo is considering a role in Pied Piper, which is more Signal and sadly not at all like Oh My Ghostess. Although according to synopsis, I'm thinking it's more like CSI. Who knows. Whatever. I'm excited. And let's all pray together that he will come back to the small screen and grace us weekly with his brilliant presence. Here's to hoping for the best.

Almost forgot, but this should be more of a cherry on top of a glorious sundae. Jo Seung-woo lent his wonderful voice for the soundtrack of Sado/The Throne. I was quite surprised of it, especially since he wasn't involved with the movie in any shape or form. But the song is beautiful nonetheless.

As a side note, I'm so happy for my past muse, Yoo Ah-in for winning the Blue Dragon Awards for Best Actor. I fell of his fan bandwagon because he was involved in a few works I wasn't interested in between 2012-2013. But I'm thrilled he's getting the recognition he deserved for Sado and Veteran. Both are movies I'm eager to watch. The maknae cutie in Antique became someone truly awesome. Anywho, here's the song, roughly translated to 'Flowers Bloom and Fall'.

And as a bonus, because there's just not enough pictures of the beloved guy, I thought it's a perfect opportunity to post a selection of his recent interview pictures. It's quite simple, but he looks good, especially the hair.

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