Friday, January 22, 2016

Park Yoo-chun's "How Much Love Do You Have in Your Wallet" MV Starring Seol Kyung-gu

What a long title right? Park Yoo-chun, whom we last saw as the wonderful Mu-gak in the great The Girl Who Sees Smells, enlisted in the military last August. But he has a few tricks up his sleeves and released a solo album just so that we don't miss him too much. While around this blog I talk about Yoo-chun mostly for his acting works, he's actually originally a singer. An idol specifically. And currently he's in the popular group JYJ. So as the singer that he is, he released his first ever solo album as a gift for his fans!

The ballad is Yoo-chun's wish of sorts to the listeners to hang on to life despite how difficult it may be. The song, which is a single off of Yoo-chun's mini album of the same name, was recorded right before he enlisted in the military. Compared to his bandmates Junsu and Kim Jae-joong, both vocal powerhouses in their own right, Yoo-chun's voice is softer in comparison. It's not much to write home about, but there's a velvety sweet quality to it which is quite pleasing. The song follows a typical ballad structure without any particular surprises. It is, down to the backbone, a solid song for a gift to fans.

The most surprising thing about the song, or rather the music video, is Seol Kyung-gu's involvement. He's considered one of South Korea's premiere actors, with dozens of awards in his pocket for projects like Public Enemy, Peppermint Candy, and Oasis. He's in the same agency as Yoo-chun, which may explain why he stars in this music video.

In it, he plays a man who works hard as a construction worker who sacrifices for his family. The climax in this "story" is when he went to a dumpling stand wanting to buy some for his daughter, only to find that he is a dollar (1000 won, to be specific) short. Seeing the man's disappointment, the seller decides to give the dumplings for free. The story is very simple but Seol Kyung-gu elevates it into something special and a video worth your tears. And according to the commenters of the video, the story is based on Yoo-chun's personal childhood experience with his own father, which adds a bittersweet element to an already sentimental tale.

It really isn't a bad song and Yoo-chun's voice is pleasant and charming. I'm glad he did this for his fans, who are probably missing him more and more each day. I'm more in awe with the music video and how well it ties with the song. The message of the lyrics is touching and can apply to basically anyone, since it's a message about getting through everyday struggles and enjoying the simple happiness that everyday brings. To those of you missing Yoo-chun, this is a great way to relieve the pain (or does it make it worse?). But good luck to Yoo-chun and here's to seeing you in two years-ish. I hope that times flies by fast.

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