Sunday, January 31, 2016

Monthly Recap: January 2016

I've been watching and writing quite a lot this month so I thought what better way to cap it off the than with a recap. This may be a new monthly thing I'm trying out, so bear with me. These posts will be just like the name, a recap of the happenings of the month (Kdrama-wise at least) and a sort of update to the things I've been watching. And so we shall begin with January 2016.

This month I'm currently juggling 5 dramas, which is quite a lot for me. Four of them are currently airing, and I'm "live" watching three of them. I put the live in quotes because I'm not literally watching them when it airs in Korea, rather I watch them the week they go on air. It's been quite fun watching all these shows at the same time, but also slightly daunting. I guess now I can say I'm slowly diving into the deep end of drama watching. Should I be scared?

Anywho, let's do a bit of an update on the shows I'm watching, starting with the oldest one which is Potato Star 2013QR3. I started watching this a couple of years ago and actually got really into it while I was watching. I watched roughly a half a dozen a day over the course of a school break. But complications occurred and sadly I had to put it on-hold. But after all these years I was able to watch it again. Sadly, for some reason, my internet connection has been a bit of a bitch these days so I wasn't able to blaze through them as fast as I did in the past. I probably won't be making a review for this one, simply because the last post that I made of it (which garnered a lot of views for some reason) reflected my overall thoughts on this drama despite that being made after watching 90-something episodes of 120 total. That's what you get with dailies I suppose.

Second up is Cheese in the Trap. This is one of those dramas that you find yourself unexpectedly get hooked into. The hour flies by really fast, and the characters get more charming by the episode. A side effect of that is after watching the week's episodes I get really sad because there's no more to watch. It's a really quite simple premise but the execution of it is superb. From the performances of the actors to the sharp directing and editing, it has become one of my favorites of the year so far. Plus, they're already finished filming despite only 8 episodes airing so no rushed endings on this one. The thriller element of the drama is also getting better, especially with stalkers in the picture. The couple is getting cuter by the minute and I'm torn which man deserves the love (the answer is both). I'm expecting great things.

Third is Moorim School. I'm a bit sad when I think of this drama despite this is a show I highly enjoy. It's mindless entertainment of kids doing what kids do without me wanting to rip my own hair out. And Wang Chi-ang (Hong Bin) is adorkable. I'm telling you it's sad because there have been some disputes between the network KBS and the production company JS Pictures. The ratings isn't something worth being proud of (it hit 3.5% on Monday's episode, ouch) and the not very many people in Korea understands over the top, ridiculous plot themes. Which is a wonder since makjang is so popular there. I already knew coming in the drama that this wouldn't be something many people would enjoy, so I'm just going to let it go and hope that the plot does get a bit more ridiculous and magical and not flat and boring which is what usually happens when a network threatens your show.

Fourth comes the giant that is Six Flying Dragons. I debated for the longest time whether I should watch this drama, mostly because it's 50 episodes long. That's about 30 episodes too long for my taste. But the production team was behind my favorite sageuk (mostly because I don't watch a lot of them) Trees with Deep Roots. Plus it had awesome actors like Kim Myung-min, Yoo Ah-in, and the totally hot and scruffy Byun Yo-han. So finally, while I was waiting for a new Cheese in the Trap episode, I decided to watch it. I didn't get too far (I'm on episode 11) but so far it's been great. The episode passes by quickly despite me thinking that it was long as I was watching it. The downside to this drama, aside from the sheer number, was the number of characters. I'm on episode 11, which is beyond the character intro phase, and I still fail to remember who is who. Sageuk is hard. I don't know if I'll ever catch up to the weekly episodes, but this is a drama I can see myself finishing for sure.

Last but not least, the newest addition to my currently watching list is Signal. Damn, it is good. The story is great. Kim Hye-soo and Jo Jin-woong is nailing it. Lee Je-hoon is good, but there are moments he was overselling it. I'm going to listen to his agency's explanation that it was just his crazy character. I let it slide mostly because his character Hae-young is just an amazing character. I can't wait to see what he's going to do in the future, and hope Lee Je-hoon can channel his Bleak Night days and blow everyone away with his awesomeness. I was wondering if his performance seems particularly weaker because he's next to fortresses like Kim Hye-soo and Jo Jin-woong. I'm just excited to see more of the three in the upcoming episodes. I haven't watched the second week's episodes so no spoilers please.

As for the stuff I finished watching, there's Because It's the First TimeReply 1988, and Splish Splash Love. I have this goal of writing about everything I've watched, although that seems to be a goal I've had since I started this blog. I never follow through because I suck. But maybe because this is my year (of the Monkey. I was born in the year of the Monkey, which is this year) maybe it's going to be different! So far it's been different and I'm really happy you guys have been reading along. Here's to more Monthly Recaps in the future!

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