Sunday, July 31, 2011

4minute's Hyuna Bubble Pops to 10 Million Views

Roughly a month ago, 4minute resident rapper Hyuna released her second solo single, the fun-lovin' 'Bubble Pop'. Close your eyes and you have an awesome summer track for the hot sunny days. Watch this video and you'll think otherwise.

I think it was a surprise for all of us that Hyuna made it to 10 million YouTube views for her video marking it officially a viral video. Sure the song is catchy, the music video is playful, and Hyuna is just hot but I think there's more to it than that. Don't you think there's more to the minds of the viewer than just "ooh, this is a fun song." I mean, Hyuna is seen strutting her stuff and stroking her lady bits. The first time I watched this video I knew people might be watching for the wrong reasons but I didn't know that there would be this many people.

I actually feel bad for Hyuna. Now she's known as the sex symbol of K-pop but not in the best way. I mean she is already a sexy girl but now she has to do provocative dances just to prove her point. I'm not going to start blaming anyone as to why she has to do this. Don't blame her agency because I'm pretty sure, being 20, she wants to be sexy too. This also isn't a First Take and that's why I'm not going to ramble on about this video.

The video is now on it's way to 11 million. I wonder how far this video can get though. Wouldn't it be awesome if there's a K-pop video that breaks the 100 million mark? Think about that.

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