Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Take: 2NE1's UGLY

Today I will be talking about 2NE1's newest music video, UGLY! No, I'm not bashing 2NE1. That's the title of the song. Let's go!

The music video came out 3 days ago from their 2nd mini-album. I have to say I really love the song. 2NE1 has been using too much autotune for my liking lately so it's nice they decided to show us their true voices which are beautiful. The music started slow, almost got me thinking that it was going to be similar to their previous track, LONELY. But knowing 2NE1, I knew they wouldn't go for the same style in the same album. The chorus picked up and we get to have a nice rock number playing in our ears! It's a genre 2NE1 hasn't touched yet as far as I'm concerned so I'm glad they decided to try something new.

But I'm curious why is 2NE1 really depressed lately? Their titles are called UGLY, LONELY, HATE YOU. If not depressed they're going the exact opposite being a little too stuck up with 'I Am the Best'. The lyrics to this song, however, is what's making me a little nervous. I don't know what kind of message they're trying to convey here but I'm not impressed. Are they trying to campaign self-hatred just months after campaigning (grandiose) self-love? The lyrics go, in English, "I think I’m ugly. And nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty. I wanna be pretty. Don’t lie to my face tellin’ me I’m pretty". Considering that they have thousands, perhaps millions of fans in the sensitive adolescent years, I don't think it's a good idea to convey such messages. I thought the song would end with them saying "no, I'm pretty" but no. This message goes till the end. A little sad that they're using this theme. But I guess it's a step from the usual love-themed songs others do so it's a plus?

As for the video, it was executed well and very 2NE1 style. They're wearing their designer clothes again strutting their stuff acting all awesome. One thing that actually makes me roll my eyes with 2NE1 is their fashion choices. I'm not a fashion expert to any level whatsoever so I'm not going to judge if it's good or bad. But I am going to say that I can never understand what they are wearing. At all. But I guess this goes to all stage outfits so it's not just 2NE1 that's to blame. Also it seems recently they're only wearing things that exhibits an air of wealth, as in designer items. Yeah sure you can wear whatever you want in your videos, up to you, but wearing clothes that are only from international brands is a bit snobbish to me. 2NE1 already seems like women full of pride so I don't know why they have to use designer items to bold, underline, and italic their awesomeness.

2NE1 came back with a strong single. I definitely like this better that "I Am the Best" so good for them. Please please please stay off the autotune machine in the near future. This goes to everyone. Can't you hear that you all have beautiful voices even without the additives? And also, I hope there will be no other self-hatred songs. This was a good slap in the face but we need love. Not heartbreak, but love. And maybe puppies and rainbows and cotton candy but that's just me. This month will be a fierce battle with so many great songs promoting so I'm excited to see who comes out on top! *crosses fingers for INFINITE*

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