Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jo Seung-woo is not a bad guy

This piece of news is probably irrelevant in so many ways. But it's Jo Seung-woo! And supposedly he was acting all cute in front of the camera. Which I can't say no to. I will search for the SBS entertainment news thing and hopefully find a translated article somewhere. But until then, I only have my poor Korean, Google Translator, and me.

Just to be clear, the article was talking about a little news bit that was aired in the SBS Night of TV Entertainment just yesterday, the 23rd. Basically Jo Seung-woo is trying to convince viewers that he's not a bad guy. Apparently in an article somewhere out there talked about how Jo was being angry at something. Don't know what. Which seemed like what a bad guy would do. Such innocent netizens. But apparently this was enough to make him make a national declaration of him not being a bad guy, and instead a gentleman. Or a gentle man. Whichever way you want to see it.

The killer here is the angle shot. Seriously? He's already 31 years old but can still pull off the cute without even trying. I don't know what to say. Actually, there is something that I want to say. I didn't know he can even pull cute. I know that he's a dashing guy and when he smiles my brain melts into a puddle, but never have I realized that he was capable of displaying aegyo. Not the forceful, diabetic aegyo idols pull off. No, this is a natural, cute charm that a handsome 31-year-old man has. You wouldn't know from the picture that he has portrayed a gambler, an assassin, and a convict before.

Also, co-star Yang Dong-geun stated that the turning points of his life are military, Kim Tae-hee, and Jo Seung-woo. Apparently, getting the phone call to star alongside Jo Seung-woo was a huge thing. Besides starring opposite one of the most wanted leading men of Korean film industry, he was also (as Google translated it) "enamored with his personality and wisdom. In short, a great friend." Say it with me now. Aww!

On a related note, his other new movie that is officially going to be released nation-wide (what happened to you, Peach Tree?!), The Perfect Game is set to release on December 22, 2011. Which is roughly a month for now. Say what?! That's a long time. But short, at the same time. Depends. The cast and crew recently, more like two days ago, held a press conference. I have yet to find a translated interview for this, which is so sad. But with the lack of interviews comes an abundance of pictures! So don't worry, I'm not that sad. Here's a select few, if anyone wants it. There's so many more, but I guess I don't want to spam you.


  1. It's really sad that a person can't even criticize something/someone without being called bad. It's also sad that he has to address people and try to convince them he is not bad.

    If netizens want to feel celebrities are more pure than extra virgin olive oil and would sacrifice more than Jesus himself for the greater good, that's their problem. No one should force actors to respond to such dimwitted accusations and comments.

    Also, I have to agree with you on the aegyo part. It's annoying and it's fake. Real cuteness is the kind that makes you go "Awwwz" without it being forced out of you or from the person doing it.

    And there also has to be a distinction between cutesy and cute. A 31-year-old man can be very cute; even the manliest of men can be incredibly cute, but that does not make them "cute" or "pretty". Because fangirls seem to brand anything with the same definition of "cute" they use for kittens, dollies and anime characters. I find a lot of men cute, of older ages too. They're professional, respectable men and their cuteness is effortless. Which is the only good kind of cuteness.

  2. I watched the original broadcast of the show, and it seems like he was more joking than serious. But I do get what you're saying. It seems like a celebrity can't criticize anything, even their own field of expert. The fact that this is a man who is considered as one of Korea's best actors goes to show that the rule applies for anyone and everyone, which is sad more than anything. If they do get a say in things, I'm pretty sure the industry can be better than what it is today.

    And thank you for not making me feel weird about finding older men cute. It does feel weird to me at times that that can happen, but when it does it's beyond awesome. Cute men age well, if that makes any sense.

  3. It does make sense. Being an adult does not mean being ridiculously serious and "proper". A grown man who can be cute and relaxed without being immaturely childish is a healthy person.

    And indeed, they should speak up. A lot of them speak up for the wrong reasons and tend to overstep their boundaries though. I do remember some of them during the Han Ye Seul scandal. Made that post about it too. Some things should not be taken or commented on lightly.

    Saying someone is wonderful because of one good comment or horrible because of a negative one is just silly. Unless there are elements which do make it blatantly bad and it's not just an opinion.