Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Take: IU's You and I

Is it me or is there an increase in mini-drama music videos? No matter. Because today, I will be talking about the awaited comeback of Korea's little sister, IU and her new single, 'You and I'. The 9 minute video is a little lengthy for my taste, but it's IU. What can I say?

Even though the MV was 9 minutes, it could easily be cut down to 6. The rest is just credits which they used to show bloopers. Great. Overall, it wasn't the mini-drama that I was looking for. It was just an extended music video, with a longer intro. I'm pretty sure LOEN, IU's management, did this just so people can have as much IU as possible.

The music video is very cute, and has a fantasy air to it. The ending credits music is love, as it reminds me of witches and wizards. Being a long-ish music video, there's no reason for a lack of story line. Thankfully, this MV does have one. It correlates with the lyrics quite well and almost to the point actually. I'm going to give my two cents on how the story line goes. I don't really get why the boy (played by the adorable Lee Hyun-woo) has to be in a coma. I guess it signifies his lack of manliness. You know, as in a boy who doesn't know love. My understanding is that IU and the boy are childhood friends. The lyrics mention the two playing together. Apparently IU began liking him first but supposedly the boy doesn't really understand. The whole notion of her becoming an adult just signifies that as an adult it's about time the learn about love. The video just makes the whole childhood friends become adult lovers thing complicated. You know, with the whole time machine and all. But for the purpose of the story, it makes it quirky and fantastical, which is what this song is about.

Actually, this song reminds me a lot of her previous single 'Good Day'. From the instruments to the vocal techniques, it has similar air. I guess LOEN isn't ready to give up on their little sister IU thing. For this reason, I feel disappointed. I like the song, it's very cute with the whole clock and growing up thing. But it's so similar to her previous single. Plus, when I first saw the teaser pictures, I thought she was going for a gothic lolita thing with a more hardcore sound. I guess I was asking too much.

Talking about her teaser pictures, am I the only one who hate her piggy tails pictures? I don't get where they're trying to get with the concept, especially the make-up. It's unflattering to her. I just don't dig it.

The song comes her second full album, Last Fantasy. What I'm getting from the title is "this will be your last fantasy of little girl IU, you pedos." The company keeps on trying to market her as a more adult person. But, you know, we all know that's not going to happen. Not from IU's part, I'm sure she'll grow up just fine, but the fact that the country isn't ready for her to grow up yet. Here's the thing, just the beginning of this year, IU was introduced as an adult compared to her previous images. And now, almost a whole year later, they're still trying to sell IU as a to-be adult. It looks like failed marketing to me.

IU is regarded as one of the most identified singers in Korea. I don't think she's the best. I don't even think she's as impressive as people claim her to be. But I do think she's better than some claimed singers out there. So good for her. I like her anyways, even before her 'Marshmallow' shot to stardom.Would it be possible if IU went back to her 'Miya' days? Because that'll be awesome.

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