Friday, November 4, 2011

First Take: Brown Eyed Girls with Cleansing Cream

Following "Sixth Sense", quartet ladies extraordinaire Brown Eyed Girls followed up with a mellow number titled "Cleansing Cream". True to BEG style, the song provides much vocal prowess and goosebumps on my behalf.

I actually thought this song was for an advertisement, that's why I haven't watched it until now. I was wrong big time. How could this mellow song be a make-up advertisement? The title is a little weird, don't you think? But according to this very cool music video analysis, the song is apparently about womanhood and how a woman will have to leave the unicorns and rainbows world of a girl and enter womanhood with a brand new mask a.k.a. make-up. Cleansing cream is supposed to symbolize how a woman always wants to be a little girl inside, but once you've put on that make-up you can't go back, no matter how much cleansing cream you use. Very unique metaphor, if you ask me.

The sound reminds me a lot of Sunny Hills's beautiful "Pray". I'm not saying that it's plagiarized. Definitely not. But it reminds me so much. Especially the beginning. The more it gets into the song, the less it becomes similar of each other. But the vibe is definitely similar. When you compare songs, you end up with one better than the other. But I have to say, these two songs are equally amazing. I think BEG has a little advantage with Miryo's rap. However as far as vocals go, these two groups are nose to nose. They, to me, the top idol groups talent-wise. Wait, is Sunny Hill even considered an idol group?

I love the fact that the music video has a somewhat plot. It's really refreshing to watch a music video that correlates to the song. The acting could be improves by a notch or two. I mean, being blind doesn't mean you're stupid. But concept-wise, this is super. I love the angled shots and the colors that give off a dark mood.

I knew Brown Eyed Girls wouldn't disappoint, even with their follow-up track. I actually think "Cleansing Cream" is better than "Sixth Sense" because it brings the sound of BEG that I fell in love with. A mellow, emotional song is something that BEG definitely knows how to pull off.

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