Monday, August 6, 2012

Cast of 'Horse Healer' Learns to How to Poke Your Skin

I've finally found a good English translation for the drama, The Horse Healer. Thanks so much, Dramabeans, as always.

If you read about the any of the news bit of this drama, then you'd know that this is a sageuk drama heavy on the medical aspect. And in order to get more involved into their roles, a few of the cast came out to learn how to learn acupuncture. It's no kidding that medicine rely heavily on field practice because pictures clearly show the cast using their newly gained education on real people. I mean, I really like Jo Seung-woo and stuff, but I don't think I'd want him to poke my arms like that. Aside the actual fact that I hate needles. I hope he knows what he's doing.

Sadly for you Kim So-eun fans (who seem to bring the most views to my The Horse Healer, previously known as Enchanted, post prior) she wasn't part of the Acupuncture 101 class. She is after all a princess thus not needing to learn all this needle-pokery. However, quite a few of them did show up. Aside from Jo Seung-woo, lead actress Lee Yo-won, Yoo Sun, Lee Sang-woo, Son Chang-min, Jo Bo-ah, and director Lee Byung-hoon came to the lecture of acupuncture in an oriental medicine hospital on July 27th.

The story follows Baek Kwang-hyun (Jo Seung-woo), a veterinarian a.k.a. horse doctor/healer. Coming from the lowest of social classes, he climbs the ladder to become a renowned veterinarian and eventually the doctor of the king. Kang Ji-nyung is (Lee Yo-won) a bit modern for her era and is interested with the field of medicine. She will be the main love interest. So no awkward love scenes between Jo and Kim So-eun, as I feared, although Kim's character does have a crush in Jo's.

So get ready for real medicine stuff, which I believe a recent sageuk drama failed to do. Well, I hope this one is somewhat more real. Fake, dramatic doctor work can only go so far.

The Horse Healer will follow modern medical mini series Golden Time in September on MBC.

By the way, does Jo Seung-woo look totally 80s or what? If he had bell-bottom pants (which I hope he didn't), I don't think I could bear with it. I hope he knows better.

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