Sunday, September 2, 2012

Looking Forward to 'Nice Guy'

I know, you'd probably think I should've learned my lesson with picking dramas based on the horror that is Fashion King. But I think this one should do the trick. I hope. It has Song Joong-ki being an ass. And if that won't reel you in, I don't know what would. I guess maybe the title Nice Guy but don't ever let that ruin you.

I do see a possible train wreck this drama could be. It is a melodrama, or rather flat out drama, where the guy is stuck between a step-mother (Park Si-yeon) and her step-daughter (Moon Chae-won). You might think I'm crazy, but apparently that's the storyline they're going for. Of course, the three, or rather the two (Song and Park), goes back longer than that.

Song plays Kang Ma-ru who was a bumbling med-school student head over heels in love with his girlfriend and promising journalist Han Jae-hee (Park). After a family tragedy, Jae-hee leaves the starry eyed Ma-ru for a more secured life with a CEO. Skip till the boy is 30, Ma-ru becomes a bartender and a total lady killer. Not literally of course because then this will be a murder case file. So much for that career in medicine. Ma-ru then gets involved with Seo Eun-gi (Moon), who turns out to be the CEO's daughter and consequently Jae-hee's step-daughter. A little side note, the two ladies are story wise only 6 years apart so it is the CEO who is a wee bit pedo.

Here is where the main plot comes where Ma-ru utilizes Eun-gi and her amnesia (which will come later on) to get his revenge on Jae-hee. This plot makes more sense than the initial random girl as a trophy kind of thing, but still. A little bit overly complicated I say. This drama does have potential makjang written all over it, although with Park being the step-mother and also part of the main love line, hopefully there won't be the dreaded Mothers Against Horrid In-laws-to-be Act. Because we all know that suck.

I'm basically rooting for Song all the way. He has the face of a baby but we all know his acting abilities can span to the dark spectrum, seen in the wonderful Trees with Deep Roots. Cast wise it's really solid. Moon is really great. Her acting is rather subtle and not in your face but I think it does the job better than some actors wish they could do. Park is also pretty good, although I've only watched her in Coffee House in which I think she was quite wonderful in.

But come on, seriously, major eye candy.

Nice Guy will premiere on September 12 on KBS following Gaksital.


Blog-world wise, I apologize for being absent for a whole month. It's been crazy with internship and stuffs, and the overall lack of motivation. There hasn't been anything worthy of me to write. Although I know those reviews should come one of these days. But seriously, drama reviews are harder than you think.

Also, I've been looking for excellent Korean movies/dramas that I need to watch. Not necessarily review, but just watch, although I guess if they're good enough I may talk about them one of these days. And I say excellent because I think I (or rather, we) deserve watching really good things once in a while, don't you think? So if you have any Korean movies or dramas that deserve a watch, whether old or new, please leave a comment!


  1. WOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! I totally loved your introduction :O It's a first time for me exploring this blog and I am in heaven! Nice blog you have here! And come on KBS & their HD pics. LOL. Looking forward to more posts from you :)

    1. Whoa, thank you so much! You're so enthusiastic, I love it :D I never thought anyone would think this post would mean anything much but I'm so happy you liked it! And you are very welcome to explore this little blog. I hope I can bring more things, if not random as always :p, in the future too :D

  2. Fashion King was not a horrible drama. It was an excellent drama. I loved the acting there. Even the story. Of course, dramas like that do not simply follow OUR logic. Yoo Ah In was excellent in that drama. Nice Guy or Innocent Man, starring Song Joong Ki, is another excellent drama. I credit the story writer for such creative story. Stories like movies and dramas are not required to be realistic. Twists and turns, that's how these dramas mess up my mind and my schedule because I am thoroughly addicted. There have been several Korean and Japanese dramas that I didn't continue watching. But certainly Fashion King I finished till the very end. Innocent Man I am following completely together with Five Fingers. I hope many people do.