Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kim So-eun Added to the 'Enchanted' Mix

Remember the casting announcement that shocked my world? No one really cares about it that much except me. Well, I think I can somehow convince you to be excited with me because Kim So-eun might join into Enchanted!

Just a side note, the Korean title as of now is 마의 which apparently translates to 'horse doctor' which is probably the worst drama name ever. The title Enchanted is the title HanCinema has been throwing. At least in that one article. They haven't made a specific page for this drama yet. I'm not sure if that'll be the English title, but it sure beats horse doctor any day.

News-wise, I retrieved this information from a combination of Korean internet searching and Google translating which doesn't really do anyone any good. But I promise you the translation roughly says "Kim So-eun to joing Horse Doctor/Enchanted with Jo Seung-woo". If you don't trust me, just click the source link below and check yourself. Or better yet if you know Korean more than I do, by which I know close to zero, it'll be nice if you help me translate it through the knowledge of fluent Korean speakers.

From what I can tell, Kim is cast as an arrogant Princess Sook-hee who lives in the palace where (Horse) Doctor Baek Gwang-hyun (Jo) aims to be. Yadda yadda yadda, basic drama stuff, and the two fall in love. Okay, not sure if the two will fall in love in the end, but as in every single K-drama involves love. You know the drill. Also from the weird translation I got apparently the doctor (veterinarian?) came in to treat a cat or something. Because the word cat was in the translations and it might be part of the story. If he can also treat a cat, why isn't this drama named Veterinarian then? Horse Doctor sounds so bad. (edit: I just read a snippet at AsianWiki and turns out 마의 is the Joseon period term for a vet. I'm a bit more relieved now, thank you.)

Kim So-eun is best known as her role in the epic crack-ness that is Boys Over Flowers as the best friend of the lady lead and one half of the probably most interesting couple in that whole show. She is currently filming Happy Ending on cable channel jTBC. I personally like Kim So-eun in the roles I've seen her in so far. She was bubbly and engaging, which was nice. I'd like her to take on a meatier role and maybe this will be it, although I'm still not sure the tone that this drama is setting. It'll be quite the unique pair, these two. Hopefully the nine years won't make things awkward.

Enchanted or, em, Horse Doctor/Veterinarian(?) sets its premier in September on MBC's Monday-Tuesday 21:55 slot after another medical, albeit modern, drama Golden Time. The drama is helmed by director Lee Byung-hoon of Dae Jang Geum and Dong-yi fame.

Source: Starnews

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