Monday, October 29, 2012

Model-Actor Boys on Ceci and Getting Married

Weird title? Probably. But it sums up the whole photo shoot well. Model-turned-actors Sung Joon and Kim Young-kwang strut their stuff on their new spread for Ceci Magazine. Oh also, did you know that they're both in the upcoming drama Can We Get Married?

There's nothing more to say about this post besides look at the pretty boys and drool. There's no particular concept that I can see besides them wearing bright colors and having fun with feathers and flowers. I'm not complaining. They look nice and my eyes can have a go at looking at beautiful people.

On a side note, these two will be starring in the cable drama Can We Get Married? and it's premiering tonight! So if you want to catch that, then please do. I'll be doing a First Take on it once subtitles are out. I will do it. I promise. If I don't, just boss me around for it.

Enough of my blabber. Enjoy the pictures!



  1. Sung Joon and Kim Young Kwang? Okay, I need to get this photoshoot in my blog too. Just for the sake of it, because this spread is pretty conventional in terms of clothing and setting.

    I love Sung Joon and if I can I will try to check out Could We Marry? I miss him ever since Shut Up Flower Boy ended. And if his White Christmas co-star Young Kwang is in it too then even better.

    1. Yes, spread the pretty! I'll definitely watch Could We Marry?, although it is a bit difficult to find. Maybe because it's cable. Maybe it's just me.

    2. I've been told that VIKI's currently the best place to watch it: