Tuesday, October 23, 2012

YouTube Things For 'Can We Get Married?' and 'Peach Tree'

No, this post won't be overridden by cats, although they can be hilariously cute. This will be the post where I will be sharing some stuff from YouTube that I'd like to share but won't make into a full post. Because one, it will take to long to make a dedicated post. Two, it will save your eyes from reading my crazy rants. So off we go!

In actuality there's only two things I'd like to show you. One is the trailers for the upcoming cable drama Can We Get Married? starring Lee Mi-sook, Jung So-min, and Sung Joon, among others. And two, a music video for the movie Peach Tree! I'm kind of excited about this particular because the singer is Jo Seung-woo and you know how much I adore him.

Since I've posted my castings post, jTBC, who is airing the drama, has released not one, not two, but three trailers. It gives more peek at what's in store for us audiences. And I have to say so far I'm impressed. It has multiple couples with their own drama which should be nice (hopefully not too chaotic), it sounds pretty funny (or at least they're using funny sounds. Ignore what I just said), and there's a hot make out session so not typical of Korean dramas. And Sung Joon half naked. What more can you ask for?

And then there's this. The music video for Goo Hye-sun's movie, Peach Tree. Because the song is two and a half-ish long, we get a longer look at what the movie might actually look like. I think it might be a very sweet movie. I really hope it's good now, because so far so good. Don't disappoint, Goo Hye-sun. Anyways, the highlight of this music video is of course Jo Seung-woo's voice. It is divine, as always. I have to say though that at first I was quite surprised with the tone of the song. Jo usually does strong vocal songs, so hearing him in something soft and soothing is really nice.

That's basically it! Sorry I haven't been updating, for those of you nice enough to look forward to my posts. I have at least a million things piled up for college, with mid terms going on and all, and it's been a bit difficult to find time to do these posts. But hopefully after mid terms I can post a bit more frequently. Because, you know, I think I need to if I want to consider calling myself a blogger and all.

Also I have this somewhat grand plan to do First Takes on every drama that's going to come out. I'll be making my usual First Take posts but on episode one on dramas and I'll tell you if I'd like to continue watching the whole thing. I really hope I can do this to all new dramas, I shall try to keep this thing going. I suppose if I tell the internet about it I'll come and do it although I've proven myself not to. If you'd like you can remind me to do it. Really, just go ahead.

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