Monday, November 19, 2012

First Take: Sunggyu has 60 Seconds

The time has come! INFINITE's resident old man has finally released his own music video. A pop rock track and a cute member to boot, Sunggyu is doing well with 60 Seconds. I didn't know he was going to make this song his single. I thought it was going to be 'Another Me'. Nevertheless I'm happy that the music video is out anyways.

Oh the power of the human brain. It's great and all, but sometimes it sucks. The song tells of the moment you meet someone attractive and in just 60 seconds you can basically tell where your love story is going to go without even talking to them. Our main man L, a fellow INFINITE member, sees a cute girl as he was walking home. Time seemingly stops as he was entranced by her pretty face. When times starts again, he follows her in the shop and starts wondering what would happen if he could start a relationship with her, ala Taylor Swift in 'Mine' except, you know, the wonderer is a guy. Glad to know it's not just us girls who think of these crazy things. He starts off seeing the good that will come out of this but eventually the pessimist in him follows through and that inevitable breakup comes to mind. He gives the girl he just saw his ring as a symbol of their nonexistent failed relationship. And the girl cries for being dumped without even dating the guy. I mean he is cute, I probably would've cried too. Or maybe she's an INSPIRIT (INFINITE fan) and was so shocked and awed L gave her a ring in the first place.

Why oh why did the girl even cry damn it? It made it seem as if they were in an actual relationship in the first place even though they didn't. It was good until she cried, because that made it seem like she was actively part of a story that was made completely in one boy's head. Although this is a probable story line. Okay, the look in the girl's face does make it seem like they were in a relationship. Okay, I'm officially stumped.

It could be like those really confusing movies where you don't really know whether what you were seeing actually happened or not. If the scenes were reality or a fragment of a character's imagination. And the fact that the emotions were from both the boy and the girl, it does make it seem like the two are part of it. But why was the girl nonchalant when handing the coffee to the boy? Wouldn't you know the profile of your lover from miles away? Is she blind?! You know like those super dramatic and ridiculous dramas.

Let's get away from the drama of the music video and get on to the actual music. I have to say I'm impressed. I'm probably the worst person to ask because I'm clearly biased but as I always say, I'm biased for a reason. The music style of this song is what I image Sunggyu doing if he wasn't in a boy band. It has its rock flairs but still sounded like it would be the songs the radios would like. Plus his voice sounds super nice in this song. Someone's been practicing.

I really like the song. I'm not surprised that I am, really. The MV is multi-interpretative but you know what, that's good I guess. It seems pretty straight forward but it isn't as easy right? So what do you think of Sunggyu's new solo gig? What's your take on this music video?

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  1. i LOVE the album and i cant stop playing it on repeat...and i especially love "i need you"...and as always, sunggyu being sunggyu and his honey-voice. the album is very him, in the matter of fact, slightly heavier to the rock side but maintained the signature of infinite, the eighties' feel but somehow not so infinite.

    as for the mv, i wished they get yeolie for it instead of L. yeol has more emotion in his eye-acting than L (i get it, L is more handsome) but it is not doing justice to the 60sec when L barely can carries the emotion. i can only hope for gyu to act in the mv but it will never happen because he nowhere in the actor-list of infinite.

    1. I actually haven't heard the full album! (I know, I'm so lame.) I'll get on it this weekend, I promise.

      I think the fact that it's more rock it's more Sunggyu. It signifies that this album is no longer an Infinite album but his own. Of course since he is from Infinite, that Infinite "flavor" is inevitable, but I like that it's more rock because that, to me, is what Sunggyu is all about.

      As for who should act in the video, I'm actually not sure. I do think L lacks in the facial expression department. But yeah, maybe it's because of the actors I'm not getting the vibe of this video. Who knows. Maybe Hoya should do it? I wish. Sigh.

  2. I know why the girl had cried. According to the director of the mv:
    "Because their relationship is doomed he decides to get up and leave his ring (by the way you never see it on his finger until he puts it on in the alternate timeline). In the current timeline (where they have yet to meet) she sees the forgotten ring and tries to give it back to him. L tells her to keep it because he already saw that they would break up. When she looks into his eyes she she is able to see the alternate timeline as well. This is shown by the alternate timeline video reversing quickly. This also resets the timeline so that they never meet. The scene where L offers her umbrella is the first time they would have met IF he decided to go with the relationship. But because he doesn’t he ends up alone. GENIUS!