Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dramas I Haven't and May Never Finish

If you've ever visited any blogs that focuses on dramas and movies (specifically Korean ones), you'd probably see more than once that those blogs have a list of things they've finished watching. And probably contains the ratings and reviews too, if you're lucky. But what about those other dramas whose ending have never seen the light of day? With this I will tell you those dramas that is too much of a waste of my time amongst all the things I do to waste my time.

Note: I may update the list if there are dramas that I've dropped in the forthcoming future or if I remember any more dramas that I've stopped halfway.

For synopsis, click the title of each drama where I've linked them to their respective Dramawiki pages.

Baker King Kim Tak-goo (KBS, 2010). I sort of knew coming in that I would eventually drop this drama anyways. It has many things I loathe: makjang, more than 20 episodes, crazy family dramas, birth secrets. I did watch halfway, I believe, so I did pull through quite well. I don't think it's a horrible drama per se. It wasn't really that boring, compared to some dramas. But it was just too much. Too much drama, that is. I watched it out of curiosity why it was such a popular drama (50.8% at its peak, 38.6% average). Considering Koreans' taste for all things dramatic, I can understand why. Still, not for me.

Can't Lose (MBC, 2011). Why I got in and out of this drama is a mystery in and of itself. I think I started watching the drama because Kim Jung-tae was playing a pathetic guy. But doesn't he always? Yeah, this drama was just a blur. I didn't remember particularly hating it. But I wasn't really reeled in either. I stopped within the first three or four episodes. But I actually might continue watching it now since I couldn't remember exactly why this drama didn't do it for me. Or maybe I should just stop second guessing myself and avoid some unneeded remorse.

Fashion King (SBS, 2012). Oh Fashion King. The drama that turns the people I love into people I hate. At least throughout this traumatizing few months. I understand the spirit of the drama and why the actors might have picked it in the first place, but execution is still key. And that's where this drama failed big time. It wanted to stray from typical character stereotypes (goody two shoes leading lady, brash but good hearted leading man, evil second lead lady, tenderhearted and angel-esque second lead man). It didn't want the usual story line with the perfect happy ending. But damn it, the dog is chasing its tail and it ain't going no where.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun (MBC, 2012). I know, I know, you can hate me. There are so many people that liked, nay, loved this drama but it's hard guys. It's the 20-years-to-the-past flashback that killed me. I'm sure Yeo Jin-gu, Kim Yoo-jung, and pals are great but no. You do have to realize that this was at a time where I was in a K-drama rut and just hated sitting down for hours on end wondering where a story might go. This drama might actually be good, but for the time being I'll let it sit in my hard drive to age.

Protect the Boss (SBS, 2011). This drama wasn't amazing in the first place. It didn't do any breakthroughs. It was a nice chill out drama that doesn't require too much mental factory. I guess I could've finished if I cared a little bit more but the thing is, I didn't. I think it was the chemistry. It wasn't the most pleasant to watch. I liked each actor as an individual to some degree (some more than others), but put together it just didn't work for me. Apparently I did at one point think that it was an awesome drama, but that awesome gets tired real fast once the romance issue kicks in.

And that's it really. Not as much as I thought. Again, I will update this post when I find others. Also, this list doesn't include dramas where I've stopped within the first episode. I've got a ton of those. And a ton you won't believe too.

I'm sure all you people out there have watched some dramas that just missed its cut and is left stranded alone. Or maybe you'd like to argue about how short my attention span is or my horrible commitment issues and why I should probably continue some of the dramas mentioned above. Hit it in the comments!


  1. Hmm.. I haven't bothered to watch any of these except for Protect the Boss (which technically I should consider 'dropped' except that I fast-forwarded so much through the second half, I was flying through at 5 eps per hour). I only read recaps for Fashion King, and that was hard enough.. haha. The rest here also have never really grabbed me as something I needed to watch.

    1. Protect the Boss was good in the beginning but midway points can be the death of dramas. I don't tend to fast forward dramas either because for some reason I'd rather miss the whole story rather than parts of it.