Monday, November 5, 2012

INFINITE's Sunggyu's First Solo Album. For Real.

I don't think I've been too silent about my love for INFINITE's Grandpa Leader Kim Sunggyu. I mean, it's hard not to love this guy, really. Him being the sole person reeling me into the world of INFINITE. I know I've been going at it about wanting him to have his own album because I can't get enough of his voice. He did have his stint as a solo singer on Immortal Song 2 but you know that's not enough. So get ready for this, all you people out there. Woollim Entertainment has confirmed his solo debut album through the beauty of an album cover.

And I am just so excited. I haven't followed INFINITE as much as I'd like to recently for one reason after another. Mostly because I haven't listened to K-pop in perhaps months. But I hope this doesn't make it seem my love for INFINITE, especially Sunggyu, has diminished.

There's nothing else besides the cover album, which is apparently going to be called Another Me, to really explain what the actual album is going to be about. I'm going to assume that it's closer to his previous solo song 'Because' from INFINITE's album Over the Top. At least according to the funky, colorful, a bit abstract typography theme of the cover.

I do hope though that this album will be varied in terms of genre. Sort of like the stuff INFINITE usually do on their albums. Maybe insert a rock song in there, as he's mentioned his first love for music came from this genre. Maybe insert a ballad track because, even though Nam Woo-hyun's voice is more suitable for ballad types, Sunggyu's voice that's rough around the edges actually pulls my heartstrings more. Or maybe even better is put a song that we won't even expect, maybe a hip hop or rap number? Perhaps a smooth R&B?

Whatever happens, I'm thoroughly excited for this. If you've been following me for a while, you'd know I've been wanting this for quite a while. I was actually surprised it came faster than expected. Maybe because INFINITE has been skyrocketing in popularity since the first time I've talked about them and all the members have been branching into their own things. Sunggyu seems to be the only one branching in almost exclusively musical projects, so I'm proud of him for sticking through as a musician. I guess this means in the long run Sunggyu might come out the little hut called idoldom and enjoy life as a full pledged musician.

I'm not sure exactly when this album will come out. But until then, enjoy the eye candy. Don't worry, I'll be screaming it aloud when the thing actually comes out.

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  1. Have you listened to the song Shine already? they released the full audio yesterday. It's wonderful.

    1. I most certainly did! It's feels like the most perfect combo of Infinite, Nell, and Sunggyu. A really nice song, I think. I posted it on the tumblr page. I'm waiting for the MV/album to give my full say on it here. Please look forward to that!

  2. when woohyun first appeared on IS2, i was asking myself "why not sunggyu?" and i love almost every single song he did in IS2. i never like woohyun's for some reason. and when this news came, i was over the cloud......

    1. I think Woohyun went first on IS2 because he was more popular at the time, I guess. But musician-wise, I always think Sunggyu stands out most. Apparently Woollim believes that too :)