Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Liebster Award

What I've been watching instead of blogging, because I was a child in the 90s

Apparently I've been living under a rock because there's this thing among bloggers called the Liebster Award. Okay, so I have heard about it, but I thought it was like a Shorty Awards type thing but it's more like a chain mail questionnaire type thing. Am I allowed to say that without being shunned by the blogger community? Anyways, I've been nominated (?) by dewaani to continue on the tradition. So here we go.

1. Choose a question from the 10 I just answered that you like and answer it. 
Who are some guys (or girls) that you can just stare at for days and night without them even having to do anything?
I'm going to answer that question because I'm shallow like that. Also because I can't think of an answer to the other questions dewaani answered so forgive me? My answer would be... I think Sung Joon. I mean, comon have you seen the guy? His smirk is just oh my. But really, anyone who I've professed my love to on this blog I would stare at in a hopefully non-crazy manner (which is an impossible task, I suppose. Whoops).

2. If I were to visit you in your city/country, what activity/touristy thing would you want to do? (If you want to, please include where that might be) 
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia which fyi I'm currently not too fond of because of many things. I mean I suppose being a resident of a city/country is bound to make you point out a few (or in my case many upon many) flaws. Anyways, back to the question. The one thing I do love about Jakarta or Indonesia is the food. I love Indonesian food (and Middle Eastern food but that's not part of the question). So I recommend hitting up the small food shacks where the locals go because any pro traveler will tell you the locals know their shiz. Recommended food to hit up (or rather just food I like in general): coal-grilled sate with a side of cow organ soup, asinan Betawi which is sort of like a fruit/veg peanut salad/slaw, and any type of rujak (fruit, sometimes with veg, sweet salad) you can get your hands on. There's more, but we can be here all day.

3. What is your favourite K-drama (or K-pop) trope? 
Is Gong Yoo a K-drama trope? Because that dude can make me watch any drama. Seriously (ehem Big). But actual tropes? I suppose any drama where the female character is not a poor, helpless little lamb. I'm not explaining myself very well here.

4. What is your favourite Korean food? (Or if you haven't eaten Korean food, just your favourite food)
I love just a simple ddukbokki. That stuff is addictive. For a heartier meal, I like sundubu jigae or bibimbap.

5. (And I did ask this question last time) Please recommend a K-drama (or Korean film) for me to watch. You can see which dramas and films I have already watched on our ratings page (I'm the one who writes in blue).
I'm not sure if you're a sageuk type of person, but I recommend Trees with Deep Roots. I myself am not a sageuk lover, but that drama is one of the most intense I've ever seen. Then again I haven't watched many K-dramas myself and don't know the intensity a K-drama is capable of. But watching Han Suk-gyu being his usual amazing self is totally worth it. As for K-movie, another Han Suk-kyu fueled project is 1998's Christmas in August. It's a complete opposite of Trees. It's a mellow and introspective romance, but Han and the now retired Shim Eun-ha was just so charming. From your movie list it seems you're more into rom-coms, so Everything About My Wife starring Im Soo-jung and Lee Sun-gyun is just awesome. I think I need to review that movie asap.

And that is all the questions! This took a little longer to post than I thought because I graduated last weekend y'all (pats self in the back) and all I wanted to do was chill at home and watch Friends all day. And since I'm lame and don't know very many blogs (new year resolution?) I guess I won't participate in the nomination of any blogs. Instead, if anyone is reading this, here's a question for you. Which K-drama/K-movie/K-fangirling blog should I check out? You can recommend yourself or other blogs. Really up to you.


  1. Loved this post! One of my really good friends from high school is from Indonesia, so if I ever find myself visiting him, I'll be sure to let you know I'm in the neighbourhood.

    Gong Yoo is most definitely a trope ;) I also endured Big just to watch him.

    Ddeokbokki is so delicious!!!! I love it too.

    Tree with Deep Roots is most definitely on my list! And I do like serious movies quite a bit, but I'm not always in the mood for them...especially because Korean serious movies can be way intense. Ajhussi is maybe one of my all time favourites and Guns and Talks (which is a black humoured comedy).

    As for blogs you should check out...any of the ones I have listed at the bottom of my blog are all worth a look at. kakashi's blog (The Problem of the Umproblematic) has really hilarious squeecaps with excellent gifs. And The Fangirl Verdict is another favourite of mine.

    1. Didn't know you have a friend in Indonesia. That's super awesome! By the way, if it's not creepy to ask, where are you from? If I were to visit your country (not that I'm doing international travel anytime soon, but who knows), I'd probably want to meet you too :)