Friday, June 13, 2014

The Adorable 'Marriage Not Dating'

Ooh, two posts in a day! While Joseon Gunman might be thrilling and action-packed, tvN's Marriage Not Dating looks like it will run away with the cute. I've been into rom-coms lately, and it seems like this one might fit the bill perfectly.

Gong Ki-tae (Yeon Woo-jin) is a rather successful bachelor. Basically he has everything, except a wife. And that's something his parents are badgering on about, despite his reluctance. So to get them off his chest, he brings home a girl they will never approve of. Her name is Joo Jang-mi (Han Groo), a graduate from a second (or third?) tier rural university who works in a luxury store. As this is a rom-com, the cast is rounded off by bad boy non-believer of love Han Yeo-reum (Jinwoon) who will later fall in love with the most likely quirky Jang-mi, and Kang Se-ah (Han Sun-hwa), Ki-tae's med school colleague whose personality wasn't revealed yet but is probably in love with Ki-tae. Of course.

I'm pretty psyched about this drama, actually. One the leads are actors I love. If any of you are yet to fall in love with Yeon Woo-jin yet, well, where have you been? Just Friends?, Arang and the Magistrate, Ordinary Love. Yeah, get on it.

And Han Groo, well, that girl is great. While I've only seen her in Can We Get Married?, her performance there was enough for me to call her a great actress. At least in rom-com settings. Which this drama is.

As for the idol second leads? I've seen Han Sun-hwa in the fist-clenching God's Gift-14 Days, and she was fine. She wasn't annoying or anything. Then again, the story line was annoying enough that anyone's poor performance would just slide away. And for Jinwoon, who is member of ballad group 2AM by the way, I have nothing to say about. But since it's second lead, and my attention will most likely be focused toward the OTP, I probably won't care that much. Hopefully.

There's not really much promotional material as of yet, but the trailer looks cute. At least the music is cute. "The guy who doesn't want to marry, the girl who wants to marry." Yeah. That's how the drama is going to be. Here's to hoping the drama will be filled to the brim with cute.

Marriage Not Dating will premiere on July 4, after Gapdong.



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