Friday, June 20, 2014

Where are all the Korean comedies?

This post is a more of a question from me to you rather than an actual article. I was thinking about themes of movies a little bit this past week. It then dawned on me that a lot of Korean movies as of late are becoming too serious. Maybe it's just me that's not very attentive to the Korean movie releases. So my actual question to you is, what are some of your favorite Korean comedy movies? This is a serious question, and I hope I'll hear your answers soon. Also, no rom-coms please. Just to spice things up a bit.


  1. Hmm...this is actually a tough one because I cannot think of a Korean comedy I've seen that didn't have romance in it. Is that bad?

    I guess, Sunny (2011) would be the closest I can think of, even though it had a little bit of romance in it as well and it was more of a coming-of-age story, rather than a straight-up comedy. But I remember some really funny moments from it, so I guess it qualifies.

    But yeah, it does seem like Korean movies are becoming more serious lately. Because if I think about the movies I've watched recently I cannot really recall any comedies, even romantic comedies.

    How about you, then? What are your favourite Korean comedies? I'm curious, maybe you could recommend me something?

    1. I'm glad someone agrees with me! It took me a seriously long time too to think of ones.

      Aside from Sunny, there's Speedy Scandal (2008) (where the photo comes from, also from the director of Sunny) and Attack the Gas Station! (1999) which was surprisingly HILARIOUS. While they're the only other two comedies I can think of, they're highly recommended. Also it seems like the new comedy Miss Granny (2014), also starring Shim Eun-kyung, is good but I haven't watched it myself.

      Ah just thought of another. Quiz Show Scandal (2010). But I didn't think of it funny. And Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005) is I guess a comedy set in war time, but towards the end it gets depressing. Well, that was quite a few, but I feel like there needs to be more!

    2. Well, Miss Granny and Welcome to Dongmakgol are already in my watch-next list. But I should definitely add Speedy Scandal there, too.

      Haven't heard anything about of Attack the Gas Station nor Quiz Show Scandal, though. Need to do some background search for those beforehand.