Friday, June 13, 2014

The Amazing 'Joseon Gunman'

There's nothing better than seeing Lee Jun-ki in traditional Korean garb. And happy news for all of us, he will be back as a bad ass gunman in KBS Joseon Gunman. If the drama end up sucking, which I really hope is not the case, at least the promotional photos look absolutely gorgeous.

In this drama, Lee Jun-ki plays Park Yoon-kang, son of the best swordsman in all of Joseon and an expert swordsman himself. After his father and sister gets murdered, he seeks revenge by trading his sword and turning himself into the titular Joseon gunman.

Anyways, there not much that I know about the show except the fact that it looks pretty damn good. I expect it to be action packed obviously (hopefully?), but here's to hoping the story is actually good. At least we can expect Lee Jun-ki being 1. awesome, 2. act the hell out of this role, and 3. hot.

Oh, Nam Sang-mi, Han Joo-wan, and Jeon Hye-bin also stars. Just in case you're wondering. And just in case you think I'm too Lee Jun-ki obsessed. But how can you not? Come on.

The drama is set to premiere on June 25 following Golden Cross.

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