Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brown Eyed Soul's 'Pass Me By' MV is... Weird

For some reason Brown Eyed Soul's music video 'Pass Me By' went over my radar and here I am talking about it five months later. Better late than never is my motto in life. A single off their (relatively) spanking new album Thank Your Soul (Side A) is a beautiful reminder that love sucks sometimes. As for the music video, well, let me tell you that I was caught off guard to say the least.


It's a bit sad on my behalf that my two favorite songs off this album, this 'Pass Me By' single and '너를' are the super sad ones. What does that make me? The boys sure know the keys to my aching heart and always manage to burst my tear ducts at any moments notice. I mean, after several years listening to 'Love Ballad', I still cry over it. It's not healthy, I don't think. Although unlike 'Love Ballad', which is more of a sweet ode to the wonderfulness of love, 'Pass Me By' takes form of the darker more unwanted side of this mysterious things we mortals have to deal with.

I can't help but think 'Pass Me By' and '너를' is the aftermath of Naul's breakup from his long-term relationship (9 years to be specific) with actress Han Hye-jin who ended up marrying soccer star Ki Sung-yeung only a year after they parted ways. For obvious reasons this is only my speculation, and these two songs could've been a request from someone for all I know. Who knows. But when the stars line up you can't deny the circumstances.

The song itself is pretty clear. You break up and look back whether or not the time you spent together was worth it. Did it even mean anything. Once as sweet as honey it turned into the nothing more than a bitter aftertaste. You want to savor the good memories but even those remind you of the person who broke your heart, trampled all over it, and left you all empty inside. Not exactly the best memory you want to keep.

This is real.

But I didn't think this would lead to an avant garde music video. It's by far the weirdest music video Brown Eyed Soul has ever done, at least to my knowledge. It's made up of a seemingly random series of modern mimes, ordinary folks, stop motion everyday items, and a fire-farting sheep. That's right. I mean, I can try to find the string that ties all these together. A sense of lost time and deep melancholy or the realization that we humans have zero control. But what does burning an upside down lobster have anything to do with... anything? I'd like to call myself an appreciator of art, but sometimes I just don't get it. I'm just going to give the wiser reaction of open interpretation.

Whatever. The song is great. One that I can easily find myself bopping to yet fill me with the greatest sorrow. The juxtaposition Brown Eyed Soul has on my soul is unbelievable. I can deal with random videos. It's cool, I guess. Brown Eyed Soul can make a music video of jellyfishes having sex and I wouldn't care if they're the ones providing the soundtrack. My love for you is deep.

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