Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lee Je-hoon will be discharged tomorrow

Everybody say MANSE*!

Just when you think they'll never come back, here is Lee Je-hoon who is set to be discharged tomorrow. He has been serving for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Special Promotional Unit for the past two years and he is back y'all!

With a return to ordinary civilization comes a trail of potential work. And boy does Lee Je-hoon has some work lined up for him. One I'm particularly excited for is the SBS sageuk drama currently known as Secret Door, which will pair him with My Papparotti co-star Han Suk-kyu who I also love. While I haven't watched My Paparotti, knowing how good these two are as actors I know the ending result will be nothing short of epic. Secret Door will tell the story of King Yeongjo and his son Crown Prince Sado, respectively played by Han Suk-kyu and Lee Je-hoon. These two historical have quite a story between them, to a point where there's actually another movie based on the father and son relationship in the form of Sado, featuring Song Kang-ho and Yoo Ah-in. It's quite the coincidence, but I do find that the Korean film/drama industry is chock full of them so oddly no surprises here.

Not exactly sure if Lee Je-hoon will take on the role, since everyone seems to be confirmed except him. But with his upcoming discharge, I hope confirmation will come soon. I'm really looking forward to it though. Han Suk-kyu was an awesome king in Trees with Deep Roots and Lee Je-hoon is, well, just great. I hope it's a yes to both. I've been neck deep in rom-coms recently**, not that I'm complaining, but I think something like Secret Door will bring in the spice I need in my drama-watching world.

*Korean version of "hooray".
**It's God's Gift-13 Days' fault.

Source: Soompi

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