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Drama Review: A Witch's Romance

May-November romance seem to be a popular trope in the romantic storytelling world. That of course includes the Korean drama land. While I haven't watch too many of them (come to think of it, I don't I've watched any), A Witch's Romance is filled to the brim with cute which will make you smile like a crazy person at your screen. Guaranteed.

Ban Ji-yeon (Uhm Jung-hwa) is 39 years old this year. She's a successful reporter with an eye for breaking news. Everything is going swell except the fact that she's still single. She was once a bride who was left at the altar six years prior, turning her into a cold-hearted, work-crazy witch she is today. Yoon Dong-ha (Park Seo-joon) is 25 years old. He's on leave from school and is currently working as a professional part-timer. The unlikely duo meet during chance encounter after chance encounter for what it seems to be a fated relationship.

Here's the story of how I decided to watch this drama. As you all may know, I'm currently watching Marriage Not Dating right now. The thing is, I can't wait for it to air every week. So instead of wallowing in my sorrow, I decided to take up another drama that has similar infusion of cute. From my brief research off several drama blogs, I decided to take upon A Witch's Romance. And damn it if it ain't cute.

Seems like tvN is on a roll with the cuteness and I seem to always miss out on it. Emergency Couple, the Reply series, are quite cute on some levels. But man did they dip into some serious darkness I don't want to associate with rom-coms. Thankfully enough A Witch's Romance is very much in the land of cute, aside from necessary serious moments to bring the story along. It's so sweet to a point where I would be careful if you have diabetes. It is that kind of drama.

Drama vibe aside, the story is quite compelling. It's nothing ground breaking. Two jaded hearts become one, it's something we see all the time. But the execution was well done. The two leads are nothing short of electric. Uhm Jung-hwa is quite the established actress herself and she did well in the one drama I saw her in, The Man Who Can't Get Married, where she also played a woman over the typical marriage age who also can't get married (the man in the title is played by Ji Jin-hee). She has a youthful energy to her despite her age (she's 45 this year). That being said, it's a shame she did so much to her face, i.e. botox and the likes, that her expressions doesn't come across as well as it should. I don't understand why actors want to mess up the one asset they need to do their job, which is their face and their wrinkles. But that's her personal choice and I can't really do much about it.

As for Park Seo-joon, well, let's just say this blogger is on the bandwagon. I've never seen him in anything prior to this drama, although it seems like I did talk about him three years ago when he starred in Bang Yong-guk's 'I Remember' when he was apparently known as Park Yong-kyu. How odd is it that that newcomer guy is now the lead of a drama and pulled it off quite well. I suddenly feel nostalgic for no reason. Anyways, I probably should watch him in his other works but I'm not committed enough to have any interest in any of his other stuff. Warm Words sound interesting. It also stars Han Hye-jin, who I've always wanted to see act (I talk about her more than I probably should), and also Han Groo who you all know I love. But darn it that drama is a hardcore mellow. I don't think I'll watch it. Also apparently he was also in Perfect Game but I wouldn't know because I can't for the life of me find that movie. I am still bitter about this.

Also shout out to Ra Mi-ran and Lee Se-chang, playing Baek Na-rae and Kang Min-goo respectively, who play that annoyingly cute couple. While Ji-yeon and Dong-ha gave me the crazy smiles, these two are for me who brought the laughter. I don't what it is about them that is so hilarious. I usually hate cutesy couples but these two are gold.

Ah another character commentary (this post is slowly but surely not making sense), that Shi-hoon sunbae guy (Han Jae-seok) is such a sleazeball! Like oily, greased up, big ol' sleazeball. I don't know if the actor did this on purpose. You'd think someone like spinach Soo-chul (Yoon Hyun-min) is the cringy one, but no. It's that guy she calls sunbae despite having 10 years worth of a romantic relationship. Is that what they do in Korea?

In the end, this drama was adorable. If you're in a bit of a life pinch and want a bit of sunshine in your life, get on this drama stat. A word to the wise, never watch this drama then watch a break up movie such as Like Crazy right afterwards. You will regret it.

P.S. Sorry this post is super rambly. I have no excuses.

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