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51st Baeksang Awards Winners

The 51st Baeksang Awards was held last night and what an exciting night it was! While I wasn't able to watch the show myself, I was able to experience the surprising night thanks to a few friends Shura and Mimi. It was a great year for both the film and television categories and despite some of my chosen favorites didn't win, I couldn't say it was terrible because the actual winners are really good themselves too. And while I'm at it, let's how well I fared in the winner-prediction game.


Daesang for Films
Choi Min-shik (The Admiral: Roaring Currents)
This was a clear winner, to be quite honest. No one person or project is really as epic as Choi Min-shik. He is the Admiral Lee Soon-shin and this giant movie is all about him. I didn't think anyone was surprised by this win. Also, how cool is that another great actor Song Kang-ho, who won last year, passes on the baton to yet another great actor?

Best Film
This was the only movie in the category I didn't watch so in a sense I didn't see it coming. But this also makes me want to watch Revivre even more. I've only watched one of Im Kwon-taek's movies, so I can't wait to see how his 102nd (!) movie turns out.

Best Director
Kim Seong-hun (A Hard Day)
I'm so happy for this win! I loved A Hard Day, and it's probably one of my favorites of the year. Although it didn't win for Best Film, I'm glad Kim Seong-hun won for this category. If you haven't watched this movie, I highly recommend it. Gripping and exciting from start to finish.

Best Actor
Lee Sun-kyun and Jo Jin-woong (A Hard Day)
This was such a surprise for the night. I called out Lee Sun-kyun to win, but didn't expect his co-star Jo Jin-woong to win alongside him. I always call unfair to double wins. But somehow, I could justify it for these two.

Best Actress
Yeom Jung-ah (Cart)
Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed here. While I thought Yeom Jung-ah was great, as I've said in my prediction post, this movie was an ensemble film. Everyone was great, but I didn't think anyone was the clear standout. But as you can see, I was wrong, and perhaps Korea's not ready for the "radical" topics brought on by A Girl at My Door.

Best Supporting Actor
Yoo Hae-jin (Pirates)
I almost watched Pirates but I didn't have time and I kind of lost interest by the 30th minute mark (I was distracted by other things). But apparently Yoo Hae-jin also won for Grand Bell Awards so I guess it made sense. Maybe I'll catch up to the movie soon just to see how it bodes. Apparently Son Ye-jin was also great in it, as she also won in Grand Bell Awards for Best Actress.

Best Supporting Actress
Kim Ho-jung (Revivre)
Just another reason for me to watch Revivre. I don't have much to say, since I don't think I've watched Kim Ho-jung before. But I suppose if you're willing to shave your head for a movie, you'll get some attention right?

Best New Actor
Park Yoo-chun (Haemoo)
Yay Yoo-chun! Love the guy, especially after The Girl Who Sees Smells. But I do have to admit this was the movie that made me, and apparently many people in the industry, recognize him as not only a singer trying out acting, but an actor with serious talents. I hope you keep doing well in the future!

Best New Actress
Chun Woo-hee (Han Gong-joo)
Yet another indisputable win. Han Gong-ju was great (also recommended!) and a bulk was because of Chun Woo-hee. I'm really happy that a serious talent is recognized among the 20s groups, because for some reason they don't get a lot of chances to shine, especially those as good as her.

Best New Director
July Jung (A Girl at My Door)
While it's sad this is the only win for such an amazing movie, it's not a terrible loss because July Jung, the sole female nominee, won! I really want to watch her acceptance video, as I'm sure these moments don't come too often in the director category. Now if only another lady can nab the Best Director award.

Best Screenplay
Kim Kyung-chan (Cart)
I'm going to stand by my words and say that Cart was a pretty boring movie compared to the others. It had a great moral story though, which I guess the voters really liked. I still wished A Hard Day won, since the story is so compelling (as just about everything else in that movie). I still recommend watching Cart, as it has some sweet moments and great performances.

Popularity Awards
Park Shin-hye, Lee Min-ho
Since this is a voted category, everyone kind of already knew who was going to win. Even if I hadn't seen the results online, I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.


Daesang for Television
Na Youn-seok
If there was ever the biggest surprise of the night, it might be this category. Everyone was thinking an actor was going to win (biggest names were Ji Sung and Kim Rae-won), but variety producer Na Young-seok, mostly known as Na PD basically everywhere else, won. Come to think of it, it does make sense as he has been one of the biggest movers and shakers in variety (which is on television) and has been the key figure to some of the most popular variety shows in Korea (1 Night 2 Days, Three Meals a Day, the Over Flowers series). But it did suck that Ji Sung didn't get a win for the night. Maybe for the MBC awards...

Best Drama
Heard It Through the Grapevine
While I'm happy for this win, I wished it was Misaeng. Seriously. tVN doesn't even have their own awards show, dammit. But alas, this drama won. I don't understand why though since the show isn't even over yet. Do Koreans love Ahn Pan-seok that much?

Best Educational Program
KBS Food Oddysey
Kind of hilarious that I actually guessed this one right considering the only reason I picked it is because it involves food and I love food. I guess Baeksang loves food too because this show did win. Not sure why exactly, since I've never seen it before. Maybe I should do now though.

Best Entertainment Program
jTBC Non-Summit
Really cool that a thought-provoking show gets to win over the mindless game-focused shows out there. Non-Summit isn't some serious international conference, but it does bring interesting viewpoints that you don't get elsewhere. While I love me some Running Man, I'm glad a show like this gets to win.

Best Director
Kim Won-seok (Misaeng)
I totally missed predicting this category for some reason, and looking back, I would've probably probably picked Ahn Pan-seok for Heard It Through the Grapevine (the result of which is totally opposite). Alas, Misaeng did get one of the bigger wins. I deeply wished it was for the Best Drama. But a big win is a big win.

Best Actor
Lee Sung-min (Misaeng)
Even though I predicted wrong, I'm still so incredibly happy that Lee Sung-min aka Chief Oh won. Maybe because I associate the actor with the character too much, but looking at his filmography, I don't think it's that far off. Here's the man who's usually supporting those in the limelight and now finally after decades of working his butt off, he gets a mention by his peers. The tears were difficult to manage.

Best Actress
Song Yun-ah (Mama)
According to people who have watched Mama, Song Yun-ah's win wasn't a surprise. As someone who didn't, though, it was. Kind of. Then again, I know nothing of the nominated ladies tonight. I think people were surprised Lee Yoo-ri didn't get a mention though, considering the storm she brought in 2014.

Best New Actor
Im Si-wan (Misaeng)
Aw... Chief Oh and Geurae Geurae... The great thing about Baeksang is that it brought a lot of the Misaeng cast together and for that I'm eternally grateful. Even better when the talented cast get to win things. Since Geurae was basically the mascot of the show, it really wasn't a surprise how he won. Sorry not sorry to everyone else.

Best New Actress
Go Ah-sung (Heard It Through the Grapevine)
Yet another unsurprising win. Honestly, the easiest categories were the Best New Actors, which is why I got them all right because I'm cool. But there really is no denying how awesome Go Ah-sung is, and I think we'll be seeing her a lot more up on the stage winning more statues in the future.

Best Screenplay
Park Kyung-soo (Punch)
The people have spoken and apparently, they agree with the voters. Despite never seeing any clips of Punch, the word is out that it was one of the best stories of the year. I probably won't go out and watch it now though, but consider it something you might want to seek out in the future.

Best Male Performer
Jeon Hyeon-moo (Non-Summit, I Live Alone)
I don't have much to say except that the netizen's teasing on Jeon Hyeon-moo is mean. I really do think he's hard working and good at his job. He's no Yoo Jae-suk, but he brings out the best of his guests and, in Non-Summit at least, brings in some interesting discussion points to the table. Good job!

Best Female Performer
Lee Gook-joo (Roommate Season 2, Comedy Big League)
I'm really happy that Lee Guk-joo is well known and well loved among the public. We need more figures like her, whether in spirit and physical shape. She's a great role model to everyone that doesn't fit in the stick-skinny expectations (which is the majority of us) and she's funny to boot. On the shows I've seen her, everyone seems to just fall head over heels in love with her. I'm happy that the world isn't as superficial as perceived to be.

Popularity Awards
Lee Jung-seok, Krystal
Again, not surprised. Although, I do feel bad for Lee Jung-seok sometimes since it seems like he's actually very serious about his work. It's just that he looks too pretty to be considered any "good". I'm sure he'll have an opportunity to prove himself. Just look at Lee Jun-ki (who is now more hot than pretty. Just look at him. And talented too of course. But yeah...).

So how did I fare? I think I did good for someone who knows nothing of the industry. Also since I double guessed on a lot of them (one personal choice and one industry prediction), I don't know how to score myself. But overall, I'm happy in about the outcome in general. I'm a little disappointed in some areas, but that's what award ceremonies are about, right?

*Note: Sorry for the lack of pictures. My internet connection has been terrible lately. I'll update when I can but if not, hopefully you enjoyed the content :)


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