Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Most Played K-pop Songs

I've been wanting to write something on the blog for a while but don't really know what. I've actually been working on something (hint: 51st Baeksang Awards) but I want to be as thorough as I can, at least in the film category. So in the mean time, I thought I can talk about a topic I used to talk about a lot in this blog which is K-pop. I actually used to write more about K-pop than K-dramas but I haven't listened to much music in general these days. So I thought it'll be interesting to write about my most played K-pop songs just for the fun of it. Also, the songs featured here may not be my current favorites, mostly because I listened to them a lot at the time while I haven't listened to the newer ones as much.

1. 추억 사랑만큼  by Brown Eyed Soul(feat. 강현정 of Bubble Sisters)
The title roughly translates to Memories as Much as Love, this song comes off of the group's 2nd album The Wind, The Sea, The Rain. As I've mentioned many times on this blog, I'm a huge fan of Brown Eyed Soul. Their music does somethings to my, ahem, soul, it's a very mysterious thing. And among those songs, this is my favorite. I even know all the lyrics despite not really knowing what it means, and I can sing both Young-jun's and Hyun-jung's parts just because (I prefer to sing Young-jun's but you didn't need to know that). I do like Young-jun's voice the best among the four and in here, he is just so lovely.

2. BTD (Before the Dawn) by Infinite
You long time readers might know that a few years ago I used to talk almost exclusively about Infinite. I thought they were great. And while I don't listen to them much these days, BTD, off of their 2nd EP Evolution, was once my jam. It was also, for a long time, my ringtone which I never got to hear anyways since my phone was always on silent. It has since been replaced by another song in this song, but BTD has a special place in my heart. I also had the stupid idea of learning the dance which, surprise surprise, never panned out according to plan.

3. 똑같다면 by Brown Eyed Soul

Don't be alarmed that Brown Eyed Soul makes another appearance, because more will come up. This song from their self-titled third album is a group endeavor though, unlike the number one spot. It's probably weird (and slightly disturbing perhaps?) that my favorite songs of theirs are the sad ones. I just think their voices are so lovely in more melancholic melodies, and I'm a sucker of those. Why is this song the most played among the sad BES songs I so love? Not sure. And yes, even today this song makes me want to hide in a corner and cry.

4. The Future by Epik High
Look, I'm no hip hop junkie, and the only other Epik High album I listen to on a regular-ish basis is Tablo's solo, but man this song is just so awesome. It's mostly the music, which means I'm mostly praising DJ Tukutz here. But since I don't know what I'm talking about, I'll leave your ears to savor it yourself. I don't even know who the third rapper is (I hear Drunken Tiger, but I don't think it's Tiger JK. The video says it's Yankie but I didn't know that for the longest time). And yes, this is my current ringtone because it's awesome.

5. 무단횡단 by 성준

Who remembers that awesome tvN drama entitled Shut Up! Flower Boy Band? Aside from being such a great drama in general, I also thought the OST was pretty cool, which should be expected since the drama is all about a band. And through this drama, we get to experience the loveliness of Sung Joon's voice. This is the song that's played throughout the drama, and apparently I like it enough to play it on repeat during those days. I don't really anymore, but it's still cute.

6. by House Rulez (feat. 호란 of Clazziquai)
Another thing you may not know about me is that I used to listen to a lot of House Rulez. I think I heard of them on a K-pop blog (Seoulbeats perhaps?) and just basked in all their glory. Oddly enough, this song wasn't one of the songs I played a lot those days, but only got into it relatively recently. There were days where I would put this song on repeat all day. And I still like it now. While this song isn't a K-pop song, or even a single from House Rulez (who I think is pretty popular themselves), I think it's really cool. Actually, out of all the House Rulez songs I currently like, none of them is the typical house genre, as per their name. My favorite album of theirs is actually their Winter 2010 single.

7. Only One by BoA
BoA is one of the biggest K-pop star in the world, and she's a soloist and, for the majority of her career, she was a teenager. She's obviously not one anymore, but considering how long she has been in the business, it may sound odd that this song may be my first BoA song back in 2012. I decided to look into it since Yoo Ah-in was to star in the MV, which I talked about long ago. But forget about the crappy drama MV (sorry, Mr. Yoo), the one you need to see is the dance version. She's such a cool lady, and this song is pretty great.

8. 비켜줄게 by Brown Eyed Soul
I told you, Brown Eyed Soul owns my heart. This is yet another somber number from theirs and just as good. Honestly, just pick any sad Brown Eyed Soul song and I'll probably like it (and easily cry to it). I'm running out of things to say about this song, because my sentiments are all the same as the others. Also, I like horns a lot which is used heavily (and well) in this song.

9. 재회 by Urban Zakapa
Another song brought to me via a drama. I'm pretty sure this song was released before Can We Get Married? aired, but I knew about it through that drama. Urban Zakapa is very popular in Korea, but because I'm lame, it took me a while. I don't really listen to any other Urban Zakapa songs aside from the ones that was featured in the drama (the other being ), but it did show me that they are a very talented group of people and they deserved their popularity.

10. What is Love by EXO
Let's close off the list by featuring one of the most talked about K-pop idol band today. Look, I don't care what you tell me, but honestly I think some of EXO's songs are really good, okay. I don't really have any of their albums, or really know any of their names (a lot of them look alike, and there are a lot of them), aside from D.O. who starred in my beloved It's Okay That's Love. But SM Entertainment has given them some pretty solid songs. Currently I really like Overdose, which in fans' mind is an old song probably, but I don't care.

So there you have it. My current favorites are pretty different than the above (I currently love XIA Junsu's Flower which is one epic song) but I highly doubt those top 10 will change because, again, I don't listen to as many songs as I used to since I'm now too busy squeeing over Murim couple watching dramas/watching movies and, you know, live a life and whatever.

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