Wednesday, February 24, 2016

First Pics for 'Goodbye Mr. Black'

Wednesday-Thursday night is going to be a crowded, star-studded party. Please Come Back Mister and Descendants from the Sun is premiering tonight, alongside One More Happy Ending which has been airing for some time now. But when that drama will finish in a few weeks time, another possible strong contender is taking its place. MBC is coming with a revenge melodrama called Goodbye Mr. Black starring Lee Jin-wook, Moon Chae-won, and Kim Kang-woo. The drama that had its own backstage drama is finally airing in March 16 and the pics look pretty cool.

Based on the stills of the two male leads, Goodbye Mr. Black seems to involve quite a bit of action sequences, which should be very exciting. This makes Mr. Black to be a more direct competitor of Descendants, although it'll premiere well after Descendants have established their audience.

For me personally, I'm more interested in the story of Mr. Black since revenge stories have mostly been an interesting watch. Descendants looks like it's going down the path of classic melodrama which isn't my cup of tea. But really, the winner will come down to who has the best premiere week and maybe couple of weeks, since that's a standard trial time for most viewers, including myself.

But since the drama is a few weeks away, these stills are the only things we have. It's assumed all three are taken in Thailand, which will be the location for what I assume is the prologue portion of the story. I can't wait until a teaser comes out just to see how the intense the drama will be like.

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