Sunday, February 21, 2016

Previews for 'Please Come Back Mister' and 'Descendants of the Sun'

Two romantic dramas are taking up the Wednesday-Thursday time slot but they're on the opposite side of the spectrum of lightheartedness. SBS's Please Come Back Mister the comedic romcom and KBS's Descendants of the Sun is the more dramatic fare. I've talked about the latter in my upcoming 2016 dramas post, but after comparing the two promos, I think I'm more inclined to the former.

The two dramas really can't be more different. Please Come Back Mister is about two men (Kim In-kwon and Kim Su-ro) who died and negotiated their way back to the living world but ended up in different people's bodies (Rain and Oh Yeon-seo respectfully). They were somehow given a second chance to live again in order to resolve unfinished businesses. Descendants of the Sun is a story about doctors and UN peacekeepers in a war torn country, risking their lives to save others and maybe snuggling up to that hot doctor/sergeant in the meantime.

The two attract me for different reasons. Please Come Back Mister was no where near my radar until the promos started popping up and the tone seemed to be right up my alley. Fun, lots of hijinks, and lots of potential laughs and well-earned tears. Descendants of the Sun, on the other hand, only has Song Joong-ki, who still hasn't won me over as a commanding sergeant. I really hadn't watched any other actors' projects (I watched Jin Gu in Roaring Currents but we all know that movie is all about Choi Min-shik). I'm on the fence with Secret Garden, the only show I've watched from writer Kim Eun-sook. But I love Song Joong-ki too much to want to miss out on his first project post-military.

From the production standpoint, Descendants of the Sun clearly has the lead on this one since they're finished filming already. And with the trajectory most Korean rom-coms tend to go (oddly enough), Please Come Back Mister has a potential of entering the deep, dark hole of depression and never coming out. Then again, the writer of Mister did write How to Use Guys with Secret Tips which was a quirky comedy with lots of feelings (and a well-deserved ending) so maybe it'll turn out okay. I'm hoping Noh Hye-young uses god's powers to good use more than Kim Eun-sook for Secret Garden at least.

So it's a battle between a melodrama and a comedy and I hope they both win, to be quite honest. But we all know that's impossible. I just hope at least one of them will end up being a good or at least decent drama in the end. I can hope for that, right?

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