Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First Take: Girl's Generation with The Boys

Ah, the girl's are back! This time with a heavy bass of a song called "The Boys". Different than the cutesy image they've been promoting since who knows when, Girl's Generation a.k.a. SNSD are turning on the sexy yet classy. Also, a bonus video! As in a Korean and English version for the song. So, did they pull it off?

Well, SM Entertainment definitely pulled off a similar bit with SNSD like they did with Super Junior's Mr. Simple. The first minute was spent "introducing" the members to the people. But instead of smooth jazz, it's heavy beats trying to make it sound a thousand times more dramatic than it actually is. The girls are also walking in circles, in slow-mo which I don't understand the purpose at all. Even though I'm not a big fan of SNSD, I still think positively. I won't let my poor judgement make this video turn into a mush of hate. Must try to like this song!

The two videos are essentially the same so (hopefully) I won't end up making a post twice as long, because it is tiresome. The song itself is nothing special. It went on and on without stop. I kept on waiting for a chorus but it never came. Usually choruses are the highlight of a song but I was waiting and it never came to me. Instead what I got was a few lines of girls trying to be a rapper, with disastrous results. It sounds even more awkward in English because they're borderline rapping and cheerleading which is weird beyond repair. It's like they're trying to sing the Mickey cheer (you know what I mean, hey Mickey you're so fine) but a little more gangsta. And then suddenly they, as in Jessica, started to sing the "bridge"? I'm disappointed. Previously SM tried out a full on chorus song with all highs in the form of SHINee's "Lucifer" which I thought was a great song. I'd rather have full chorus than all verses. It feels so bland. I was waiting for voice gymnastics from one of the lead singers. I got a tiny taste of it (Seohyun was great, by the way) but meh.

The video wasn't that impressive either. It was very pretty, and I know the message they're trying to come across: elegant, sexy, glamorous. I get it. But the execution is very lacking. I like my MVs to have a storyline and it seems like SM won't give me one. Ever. With any of their roster artists. And the fact that the sets of SM music videos are just. Ugh. You can tell it's an SM video set. Except for that part where they were in the snow. That set looks eerily familiar. Didn't B2ST  had a similar set in one of their videos? Or was it MBLAQ? Either or, the set looks very familiar. Even if it's not the same, it still looked familiar. Be more creative, SM. Seriously.

The dance was also meh. Even "Gee" was better. At least it was interesting. This was okay I guess. I know SNSD is not the strongest dancers in K-pop but can't they at least try to make it, I don't know, decent? I think I could follow that dance in a day, which says a lot because I'm the clumsiest in my peer. And the swish sound effects again, SM? Even for SNSD? You've got to be kidding me. I want to watch girls dancing not girls fighting kungfu. Let's stop the extreme sound effects please.

One thing that I do love about this MV is the clothes! OMG I think it's fabulous, especially when the girls are getting their solo shots in the black back drop. I love Jessica's dress. The fabric folded into each other in that form looks oh so great. The color looks so beautiful. And Hyoyeon's vest/jacket piece? Amazing. Thank you for at least trying to make her look pretty, SM, because she is a pretty girl. Yuri  in that gold glittery gown under an intricate black jacket? Love. When the girls stop wearing Halloween costumes and start dressing up like ladies, that's when I will pay attention. I think this MV would've been more interesting if it became the background music of a fashion show. The beat is great and the clothes in this video is amazing.

I tried to like this song and keep a positive mind. I really did. I wanted to see what in the world makes these girls so popular besides pretty and maybe they have something hidden up their sleeves. But I was wrong. I wasn't impressed with this song or music video. It doesn't matter if it's produced by a famous American producer or that they snagged a successful music management, if the song sucks, the song sucks. At least they should add a decent chorus part to make this song depth. It's so flat and boring. SNSD doesn't have any solid tracks, at least in my book, but at least you can sing along or there's one infectious part of the song that just sticks to your head like instant cement. But this song doesn't. And if they're trying to break through the American music market, whatever that is, it needs to be a song stronger than this. I just wish the girls the best of luck. It's the least I can give them.

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