Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Appreciation Post: INFINITE's BTD (Before the Dawn)

If you've been reading a few of my posts, I may have mentioned this song once or twice. It really is INFINITE's best song to date. No question. Every time a new single of theirs come out I will always refer back to this song. I mean, this is almost perfect. Probably one of my favorite songs in K-pop. Maybe ever, proven by its number one position in my iTunes's most played. That song is none other than the song, BTD (Before the Dawn).

INFINITE released this song back in January. Back then I didn't know a single thing about INFINITE, besides the fact that they are the boy band that get's to share a roster with Epik High. When the video was released, I think I watched it. But because I was in a K-pop hiatus mode, I gave a side eye. I thought the original video, with the storyline and all, was too violent in a sense that it wasn't even necessary. Like they're trying to act all bad ass and totally failing.

It wasn't until last June that I found myself singing that song for no reason. I mean, that song was stuck in my head like a sore thumb. I couldn't stay still. I had to download that song. I was in the middle of no where when I was downloading it so it took a long while. Emphasis on the long. And there I have it, the song stuck in my head for no reason. I kept playing it over and over on my trip back. I was in heaven.

When I came back to laptop internet, I couldn't help but search who these people that created such awesomeness. And that, my friends, is how I fell in love with INFINITE. More specifically, Kim Sunggyu. I mean seriously, this devil of a song is made for him! His voice is super awesome for BTD. Sorry, Woohyun, but Sunggyu is like the best. Because this is not a Kim Sunggyu spazz post, I will stop here. So back to the discovery of INFINITE. After the epicness that is BTD, I saw Nothing Sober "Nothing's Over". Seriously?! It was a cool MV and all but my love is for BTD. Say what you will.

So what makes BTD the most awesome thing ever? Well here is what I think makes this song just the best. Number one, the song itself. It's like the perfect blend of electronic, classical, rap, a bit of rock and roll and a bucket full of awesomeness. It's epic in the best possible ways. I read in this very interesting article over at Seoulbeats about useless rappers and I thought about INFINITE. And BTD. My conclusion? BTD mixes in rap so perfectly. Without the rap, this song wouldn't be the BTD I know and love. And don't get me started on the vocals. It's great. Who says INFINITE sucks at singing? Rubbish. They are great. Not the best, but definitely not horrendous like some people claim. As I've mentioned before, this song showcases Sunggyu's voice the best. And that's probably why I love him the most out of the boys. Because I love BTD. End of story. And seriously, that guitar riff in the end is the perfect cherry on top of an awesome sundae.

Number two, the dance. I have to say that BTD is probably the best dance INFINITE has done. It shows how much technique the boys have and how united they are. The dance is full of power and angst. This is the dance that put INFINITE on the map, even so slightly. That scorpion dance that they're famous for is the highlight of this dance. Even though it's not an original dance move, the fact that people in K-pop associate this move to INFINITE shows something. I watched on Gag Concert how one of the gagmen say that if BTD was given to a boyband more popular, say 2PM, the song would've reached number one in a matter of weeks. I couldn't disagree with that. It was such a shame that the song was released when they are still rookies because if it was released now, it would've swept the charts. But truthfully I don't really think any other artists can pull off BTD quite like INFINITE. They are one of the most in sync dancers in K-pop. They made my idol dancing standard really high. And considering how difficult this dance is, they can still manage to be in sync. Respect.

Number three, the music video. The boys actually released two music videos, a drama version, if you will, and a dance version. Personally I like the dance version better. To me, BTD is better with visuals. The music itself is great but the visual is what makes it perfect. The dance version is like any dance version, only the boys dancing. But I love the colors in this video so much. It reflects the song very well. It's green and dark and angsty. Very cool. The original, drama/action version is good, but it's too much. And I want to see more Sunggyu. Because I'm like that.

Number four, the hair. More specifically, Sungjong's and Dongwoo's hair. I love, love, love the color. Dongwoo's hair is a maroon red. In the beginning it's more bright red but was re-dyed to be more maroon. It looks so good on him. I know I'm not a fan of weirdly colored hair but this one is just right. And I have to give applause to whoever styled Sungjong's hair. Sungjong is that special boy who looks very feminine. So it takes hard work and a skilled pair of hands to make him look manly. And bless your heart, Sungjong's hairstylist, you did it. His hair is platinum blond and tied in a little ponytail. In text it doesn't sound very masculine but this hair is the one that works on him out of all the others. The other boys' hair looks great too. Sunggyu's hair looks weird in the beginning. I mean seriously, a bowl cut for BTD? But it later became really good. Not as awesome as it is in "Be Mine", but still really good. Everyone overall has great hair during BTD. Oh except for L. He's really handsome but in some performances his hair makes him look like a douce. Sorry, L-nim.


Number five, Sunggyu's apron vest thing. I mean, I'm obsessed with that thing. Screw the jacket and furry turtle neck. The apron vest thing is awesome. Makes him look so manly and hot. Especially with the additional army accessory badge thingy, it makes it look that much cooler.

Apparently INFINITE is going to debut in Japan with a Japanese remake of BTD. Now, I'm not a fan of Japanese remakes. Ever. Like, I hate it. Why screw a perfectly good song into something that is just wrong? But whatever. Money, money, money, as usual. So, I'm looking forward to how INFINITE will reinvent BTD in Japan. I'm not looking forward to that day, but I'm seeing the positive light. We shall think positively. And wait for an awkward music video. Until then I shall replay this song over and over again. And secretly wishing for the day when Sunggyu will do a solo rendition of this song. I love the INFINITE boys but my heart will forever go to Sunggyu.


  1. i like your review. we're same. don't care about infinite when they debuted but in the end we fall in love with them ♥ BTD is the song that make me start to give my attention to them. they so cool & mainly with black outfit & fighting scene on MV. imo their hair also cool. the scorpion dance impressed me but i really love them after watch sesame player. when watch that show woohyun took my heart >__< about rapper, i think mostly idol group have at least 1 rapper. even ballad song have the rap part now although the beat bit slow than upbeat song (like B1A4's song "only one"). imo hoya & dongwoo are good rapper ;)

    my conclusion about infinite, they not only idol group with good looking face but also they can sing & dance very well. maybe one of best dance group recently. infinite hwaiting!!!

  2. Ah thank you for the comment zico_DJ/Block_b2st! LOL I don't know how I should call you. Oh, I love Sesame Player too! It elevated my love for them. They are such a fun group :D

  3. I am not much of a fan of their new album and I am not much of a kpop fan in general, but this song does rock socks. So does the video, their voices and everything else you mentioned.

    Pop is quite a shallow "by the dozen" genre and with the sea of girl and boybands out there, it can get very repetitive and tiring.

    But I find Infinite at least attempt to have quality in the music and dancing. Just because the genre spews out samey effortless and talentless people and songs does not mean it has to become a rule for it.

    Infinite bring some quality and variety to kpop.

    Also, dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa! XD I swear, I could not get this out of my head for days. BTD as well.

  4. Someone mentioned Namslut? I'm here!!

  5. @Ethlenn, I don't know if anyone did mention Namslut. But now that you've mentioned it, NAMSLUT! He really is a greasy, greasy slut (that sounds weird)

  6. Oh hell, I love that boy to bits, him and his all fanservice (sending hearts on Immortal Song hit me off my chair).
    although Inspirit, I don't believe BTD in Japanese will sound at least good. No korean song sounds good in japanese. Watched Lucifer by SHINee? This is just not right. They killed all sexiness of mah derp Jjongie... And I believe this will be exactly the same case. I want to be proven wrong, but unlikely.

  7. @Ethlenn I haven't watched Lucifer Japanese version and I don't intend to. I've never been happy about any Japanese remakes that was ever released. I don't know why they won't just make new songs. Some songs are good in Korean and some good in Japanese. It's like they can't understand this simple thing. And besides, a Japanese debut seems like some sort of cheap trick to me. I'm not buying it, literally and figuratively.