Monday, October 24, 2011

Stills and Trailer for Perfect Game is Out!

I can not just stand still when this lovely thing was released. I mean, how could I when Jo Seung-woo is involved? It doesn't matter if I have an exam in 3 hours. What matters is that this lovely video is given to you all. Yes, I'm dedicated like that.

I've talked a bit about the movie, Perfect Game, a little bit before in my posts. Just a little recap. The movie is about a legendary game back in the day (1987 to be exact) between two of Korea's best baseball teams, the Lotte Giants and the Haitai Tigers. Jo will be playing Choi Dong-won opposite of Yang Dong-geun who will be playing Sun Dong-ryul. The movie will revolve around this legendary game but director Park Hee-gon stated that it will play more emphasis on the human element than the sport itself. What is new in this world.

I personally hate baseball. Say what you will, but I think it's the most boring sport to watch, next to golf and maybe even soccer. Yes, I like my sports bloody dirty. But you know I'm not watching this movie for baseball, right? Of course. It's about watching Jo Seung-woo playing baseball and giving fireball eyes to Yang Dong-geun. How cool would that be?

The trailer showed more of the history that surrounds the game. It had more actual photos from the match than the movie-fied game itself. It says here that most of its focus is also about the two men fighting it out on the pitch (is that what it's called?) trying to achieve something they're not sure it's there. Very clear depiction, I see. But nevertheless I'm pretty sure I'm going to catch this movie no matter how much I hate baseball. For Jo Seung-woo and his gold-rimmed glasses it is.

The movie started shooting in early August and just finished late September/early October. Talk about being in a hurry. Perfect Game is aiming for a December 2011 release which gives the post-production team about 2 months of editing. I'm betting the editing room is on fire right now. Better chop, chop, chop!

A little sad fact. Choi Dong-won sadly passed away on September 19, 2011. I don't really understand the articles that was released in the media and what it said. What I do know is that the cast and crew of the movie were sad they couldn't present the movie to him. I'm not sure what kind of influence he has over in Korea, but I'm sure he will be missed.

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