Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Awesome Drama: Protect the Boss

I've been talking a lot about K-pop and a particular movie, but I haven't discussed one aspect of the Korean entertainment industry that is pretty huge. Dramas. And today I'm going to give my attention to a particular drama that I've been watching and enjoying. That my friend is the great, Protect the Boss.

I've only watched until episode 9 but so far, I am impressed. I've been looking for a zippy, fun drama for a long time but I'm disappointed that the drama will get depressed by mid-way. I know that most people are probably looking forward to the deeper aspect of the story. But when I go in a fun, comedic piece I'd love it if it actually maintained that mood at least 80% of the time. I've watched a few dramas in my life and the one that I remember maintaining that mood consistently is Coffee Prince but maybe this is more because I really like that drama anyways.

Episode 9 is already passed halfway of a mini series and also the moment where most dramas become more attentive to its love lines. Protect the Boss has dived into the realms of romance but still maintained the comedy, which is great. The main couple has professed their love and started on the real romance stuff, but I appreciate how the writers didn't decide to ditch the happy mood. That, my friends, is a good sign of a good drama.

For the most part, I really enjoyed the acting in this drama. The drama is lead by Ji Sung and Choi Kang-hee. I haven't watched any of Ji Sung's previous works, although after this drama I might decide to take a peek. What I have watched is Choi Kang-hee's previous works, including Petty Romance and Wanee and Junah. She has a charm, although truthfully sometimes her nasally gets a tad bit annoying. And she looks young. She's already (gasp!) 35 years old but looks easily be in her twenties. What kind of elixir did she find? These two are fabulous! They keep me watching on and on. As for the other two main characters played by Wang Ji-hye and JYJ's Jaejoong, well, let's just say they're second leads for a reason. Wang is a good actress but I find her performance a little too exaggerated for my taste. Jaejoong's performance is a little lacking, but I'll give him slack because this is his first try at acting. (I could never understand why idols with no acting prior acting experiences are given big roles but that will be a post of another day.)

But of course the real savior of this drama is the storyline. The beginning let time for us to understand the background of each character enough for us to understand the rest of the story without big question marks on our faces. The flow is also kept really well. Romance and comedy is very balanced, making this I believe a true rom-com. The characters were written so wacky it's almost impossible to resist. All the childish rich people and dependable/aggressive best friend fills this world of a drama. It didn't decide to make all the rich people despicable, which I am glad. Each character was also given a weakness which would be later used by the writers to create hilarious scenes.

It's only episode 9 but it's been great. I am weary that the it will lose its comedic pace once the romance is on, like Best Love or almost every rom-com dramas out there. But so far, it's been one great ride. I haven't found time to actually finish the drama while there are other dramas that I want to watch (City Hunter, Can't Lose, Princess's Man, and the bagillion dramas that are coming out this winter). I wish I could stay up a few days to finish these dramas but that will be torture at its best. Let's just wait until semester break.

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