Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Take: Sunny Hill's Pray

This video was actually released about a month ago. There has been so many praise going for it. But boo hoo my scaredy cat self couldn't pull myself into watching this thing that seemed so scary from the outside. Boy, I was missing out a lot. Sunny Hill previously released their awesome track, "Midnight Circus" after a 3 year hiatus. This time they released a moving ballad, "Pray", which becomes the soundtrack of one amazing music video.

Wow, this music video is deep. Deeper than any idol video could even dare to dream. I'm not going to analyse it too much for it to be room for some interpretation. The basic story is about a creature who is "saved" by a beautiful lady only to be manipulated and mutilated for its body parts. After the 5 minute video I found myself on the verge of crying. And maybe a little self introspection about life and love. That's how deep this video is.

The lyrics of the song itself isn't something all that special. It speaks of heartbreak and pain and wishing everything would be okay. You know, the basic stuff. But it's not the lyrics that's moving. I for one am not a speaker of Korean and I found myself teary-eyed listening to this. Their voices, it's so marvelous! It's soft and wonderful. It's full of love and sorrow, heartbreak and regret. It's honest music that seeps through the cracks of your heart and drenches your soul with something that I haven't felt in K-pop for a while. They really took their hiatus fully to make sure they come back with music that is beyond amazing. And they did, with two singles that I adore. I am most thankful for them, because they actually tried to make music for us to enjoy, and not for mass consumption. Their efforts really paid off.

This video actually garnered quite the attention for its contents. Mostly because of the bloodsucking and shooting and mutilating. But if you go beyond all the blood and guns, you will find something most amazing. At least that's what I found. I appreciate that Sunny Hill didn't take the easy route of casting a hot man and sexy woman and making them chase each other in the rain drenched in tears and mascara. Even if they did decide to do that, it'll be fine because this song can save itself. But the fact that they took the extra mile to make it that much more special is what awed me. And it's more memorable, and more meaningful actually. I felt the most pity for the creature, because I could feel true love coming through his eyes to the lady in the red heals. Kudos to the actor, I mean seriously? It's the saddest thing ever.

I just couldn't believe I just watched this video now. I am full of regrets. But no matter. Better late than never. I really like the song and the video just makes it that much more special. I'm sorry to Sunny Hill and other talented artists who are trampled over by the idols in their glitter costumes and fake smiles. But no matter. For us true music fans, real music will always come through. Oh, Sunny Hill, why are you so awesome?

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