Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Take: Clazzi featuring 2AM's Seulong with How We Feel

DJ Clazzi is back again. Most of you knew of him from his collaboration project under the name of Clazziquai with singers Alex and Horan. This time he's stepping away from Clazziquai and making friends with another great singer, Seulong from 2AM. The product? 'How We Feel'.

Clazziquai is known for their electronic-jazz-bossa nova sounds that took Korea by storm, most notably through the soundtrack of popular 2005 drama, My Lovely Samsoon. While Alex and Horan lend their beautiful voices, the true mastermind was DJ Clazzi. Their last project together was album Mucho Punk which was released in 2009. 'How I Feel' comes off of DJ Clazzi's first solo album soon to be released this December.

The song is signature to DJ Clazzi, with electronic beats and a soulful twist. I've never been a huge fan of Clazziquai, but I have to say their stuff are great. And this song is no exception. I'm also glad Seulong gets his share of the limelight, being the only 2AM member who hasn't had his personal share of the limelight. The song isn't really one with overly challenging vocals, but his voice is very smooth and goes nicely with the beats in the background. The overall song is funky and bound to make you (or at least me) bop your head with the song.

The video is quite cool. Clazziquai has some of the most quirky music videos I've seen in K-pop, and DJ Clazzi's solo project is not so far from that. The concept of the video is of androids/clones in a futuristic world, with DJ Clazzi as the leader/maker with his red-light blinking, singing, dancing androids. The overall color scheme is full of neon and saturated colors. Very discotheque.

For all you Clazziquai fans, here's the album you've been waiting for! Technically it's not a Clazziquai album. But I heard Whale from Whale&W is going to feature in it too so look forward to that.

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