Monday, January 9, 2012

First Take: Yoon Mi-rae in Get It In


First post of the year! Technically second, but the first "regular" blog stuff. I was hesitant on what I should write on this new year, but I found it. I remembered wanting to talk about this song for a while now but just got to it now. I know, I'm bad at commitment. Don't tell anyone. For today's First Take, I will be talking about Yoon Mi-rae a.k.a. Tasha super badass video, Get It In.

Girl power, hell yeah! This video is super badass. I love the Matrix meets Kill Bill feel of it. Definitely not something just another girl idol can pull off. Yoon Mi-rae has enough sass and prowess to kill a billion ninjas if she wants to. I love how she's in some sort of digitized world (the giant screens that changes with every scene). Towards the end, she fights off her own husband, Tiger JK, who also features along with Jung In. I wonder how many takes they had to take? They're known as such a lovey dovey couple and now they have to fight against each other to the death? I need the behind the scenes of this. And how cool is that the katana can turn into a light saber? Where can I get that?

The song itself is strong, much like the video. Sometimes the song ruins the video (or the other way around) because they just don't fit each other. This one is on the dot. It's strong and powerful. When they say Yoon Mi-rae is Korea's best female rapper, they're not kidding. She is foine. There's a bit of autotune. Okay, a lot. I'm still not a fan of it. But it fits the tone of the song. It's also cool how the music video world somehow reflected this part of the song in that the world is in a box lined with interactive monitors.

Turns out the video is also the works of The Creators Project. I read a little bit of what they are. They combine creativity and technology to produce some really amazing stuff, collaborating with a variety of creative fields around the globe. Check out some of their stuff here.

With this video post, I can say 2012 is off on a good note. This isn't your typical K-pop song, but hey. It came out of the ROK and it is fabulous. Let's hope more of things like this come out this year.

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